Everything you need to know about Birch S[aè]ve

Pssssstttttt….. We need to tell you about a super secret ingredient, present in all our products. This ultimate fairy elixir: Birch Sap.

Birch drills

            Yes well, that's fine, huh… We talk about it all the time and it's no longer a secret. But in reality, Birch sap is consumed. We tell you everything now.

We are entering the harvest season for Birch sap, this nourishing drink. During Winter, the Birches keep their strength underground. In Spring, Birch sap gently rises along the tree, under its bark, in its heart, to allow it to grow and flourish. This magic lasts only three weeks, on the ascending Moon.

Imagine the gift you give yourself by offering yourself a Saeve product: rarity, purity. An exceptional combo for the skin of organic Birch sap with organic Chaga for unique and enchanting care.

The consumption of Birch sap is intended to be ancestral, because we did not really wait for science to see its virtues on the skin and the body. At the time, our Auvergne grandmothers drank birch sap to purify themselves and have a clear complexion.

Birch sap harvest

Why consume fresh Birch Sap?

Do you know its benefits on the body?

Birch sap is a legendary nectar traditionally consumed as a cure, pure for medicinal purposes, every spring for centuries.

Today these organic birch sap cures are real rituals everywhere in Europe, and are a must-have in France! Praised in detox cures, Birch sap cures have unsuspected virtues on the skin and the body!

Birch sap has an incredible and almost unique composition in its natural state:

Harvesting Birch sap takes place during the 3 weeks of the ascending moon of March, when the content of Birch sap in minerals is the richest. The exceptional content of Birch sap in trace elements, amino acids and natural sugars - necessary for the proper functioning of the body - guarantee a beautiful appearance of the skin, and promotes the proper functioning of the body's emunctories.
Thus, the waste, including toxins, which accumulate there is better evacuated, fatigue is reduced, and the feeling of well-being is improved.

It's the bomb, Baby!

Finally, Birch sap has a draining and diuretic action on the body, working on the liver and kidneys. Accompanied by a varied diet, Birch sap eliminates, loses weight and attacks cellulite.


Drink fresh birch sap

How to consume Birch Sap?

The organic plant-based beauty treatment to drink

Take half a glass (12.5cl) of organic birch sap every morning on an empty stomach.

In order to have optimized results, we recommend a cure of birch sap of 3 weeks which is equivalent to ¾ bottles of birch sap for a complete cure.

Keep Organic Birch Sap 4 to 5 days in the refrigerator, after opening. A slight fermentation may occur at the end of the sap cure, but this does not alter the product in any way. Keep Birch sap out of the reach of children. To be used in addition to a varied and balanced diet.

To find out more about our Birch sap cure, it's here !

Birch sap, Saeve

We leave you. We are going to harvest to transform you into a Fairy!
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