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Discover how the secret of the women in my family and my passion for botanical cosmetics led me to approach beauty differently. And how we succeeded in capturing all the super powers of an extraordinary tree in a bottle!

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Grapefruit, the twist of oily skin

Pamplemousse, S[æ]ve

It is on this zest of good humour that we are talking about grapefruit today. Because this fruit is much more than just a tonic kick in morning juices.

Did you know that grapefruit contains some active ingredient nuggets that can wake the dead? There is life in it: fruit acids, vitamin C, phenolic acids, limonene, beta-carotene...

Let's skip the physico-chemical details to highlight the virtues of this not at all forbidden fruit.

Le pamplemousse, Saeve

1 – Purification of the epidermis

In grapefruit, AHAs for alpha-hydroxy acid are found. These act as small cleaning agents and help to remove impurities that block the seborrheic channels. Fruit acids exfoliate the skin, remove dead cells and excess sebum. The skin is aseptic, toned and pores tighten.

2 – Skin detoxification

In grapefruit, there is Vitamin C. It is a powerful major antioxidant that fights free radicals that cause dull and blurred complexions. The skin becomes lighter. Studies even show that it is less photosensitive and less prone to sunburn.

Sérum Botanique Purifiant Anti-Imperfections Pur Paradisi


3 – Anti-ageing action

Fruit acids have the property of participating in cell renewal. Indeed, the Soft Peeling effect of grapefruit removes dead cells and causes cell renewal with keratinocytes capable of better preserving their water content. The complexion is then fresh and energized.

Grapefruit is the major ingredient in our range Pur Paradisi. In addition to the Immunox complex, it insists on deep pore cleansing and toning of the skin's immune system.

From the very first applications, our users notice that their complexion cools quickly without drying out, as can be seen with some acne treatment products. Our products are designed to be gentle on you and to leave you comfortable.

We are proud to announce that our Anti-imperfections purifying botanical serum of the range recently received the award « Top Innovation » at the "Victoires de la beauté 2019-2020".

And for all skin types, know that S[æ]ve has thought of an SOS remedy with the Intense anti-imperfection corrector to quickly overcome the little surprises that life has in store for us. 

Sérum Botanique Purifiant Anti-Imperfections Pur Paradisi

Pep’s your life, S[æ]ve your skin

The T[æ]m

S[æ]ve and Naturopathy

S[æ]ve and Naturopathy

  You may know that S[æ]ve is a fan of "alternative" medicines and approaches where Man is considered in all his uniqueness. We do offer c...

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S[æ]ve and Naturopathy



You may know that S[æ]ve is a fan of "alternative" medicines and approaches where Man is considered in all his uniqueness.

We do offer cosmetics, but our desire was stronger than to offer an additional product brand. We wanted much more for you, and all this with fantasy, humour and optimism.

Among traditional medicines, we are very close to the Naturopathy. But do you know what it is? This unconventional medicine is about prevention and support. Its aim is to provide the keys to a better lifestyle that will allow you to age in the best conditions, while enjoying Life.

You will also notice that we have put a lot of our efforts into the search for phytotherapeutic active ingredients. The detoxifying and revitalizing Fresh sap of organic birch is one of the naturopath's tools. The Organic Chaga is an integral part of the techniques used by practitioners through Mycotherapy, a gold mine of benefits for immunity.

Gamme Relax Rheum, Saeve

In each of our products, we use plants with titrated extracts. We seek the absolute efficiency of plants through an extraction that allows an optimal concentration of active ingredients. Mallow, Maritime pine, Peas, Grapefruit, all our products integrate the richness of Nature. No wonder that when you come into contact with S[æ]ve, you feel magnified like pretty little Fairies.

Among the tips we give you here, you will notice that we offer dietary, relaxing and invigorating tips. We talk to you about hydration, rest, calm. In Naturopathy, the skin is considered as a journal of information. If the latter is weakened, it informs you that you must take care of yourself.

After each contact, the Naturopath will propose an action plan based on a nutritional revitalization phase or an elimination detox phase. 

Gamme Relax Rheum, Saeve


Saeve Detox range

It is in this approach that we have thought of our Detox range. With extract titrated in Dandelion, this anti-oxidant range helps your body to eliminate and fight free radicals, responsible for skin ageing and complexion alteration.

In this range, we have added Apple Phloretin, highly anti-aging and a vegetable protein extract to stimulate collagen production and repair.

What could be more Naturo, what could be more Natural...

The T[æ]m

Relax Rheum, our body cream based on Rhubarb, the favorite of the CLOSER editor

(CLOSER magazine, n° 265887, p.50)

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