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Pauline Bony, founder of Saeve

Discover how the secret of the women in my family and my passion for botanical cosmetics led me to approach beauty differently. And how we succeeded in capturing all the super powers of an extraordinary tree in a bottle!

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Gorgeous Saeve Christmas Gift Sets in Public and Closer

(Public Article - weekly. Date: 22 November 2019 Article page: p.54)
(Public Article - weekly. Date: from 24 November 2019 journalist Elisabeth Sall)
(Article Closer - bimonthly. Period: November - Decembrer 2019 Article page: p.38-39. Journalist: Caroline Dartus)

Articles Public et Closer Saeve

Saeve: Natural Cosmetics Made in France and Selected by Voici

(Voici Article - weekly. Date: from 22 to 7 Novembre 2019 Article Page: p.50-51)

Article Voici Saeve

Pauline Bony's New Podcast on Julia Sets le Ton!

Through this unpublished episode of Julia Donne le Ton, the podcast that gives a voice to influencers and entrepreneurs, Pauline Bony sincerely shares her story, her encounters, her family and of course the creation of Saeve. A big thank you Julia for this great episode!

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You can also listen to it here:

You can also listen to it here:

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