Saeve, a (very) free state of mind

Take beauty seriously without ever taking yourself seriously.

This is how Saeve's philosophy can be summarized as Pauline Bony wanted it. Finally a brand that knows how to combine naturalness, authenticity, performance, made in France... and lightness! A friendly brand that says...

Yes to true beauty

which embellishes without false promise, without bluster, without window dressing.

Yes to clean and "conscious" formulas

Designed with an average of 92% ingredients of natural origin and without any superfluous and/or potentially toxic additives for the skin and the environment. Exit silicones, PEG, synthetic dyes, parabens, phenoxyethanol, sodium laureth sulfate, mineral oils, gluten, ingredients of animal origin... Shall we continue?

Yes to efficiency and performance

Thanks to the Immunox® Patent and its amazing active ingredients titrated to the optimal dosage), but also to sensoriality. Unlike other natural brands, which often fail in the quality of the galenics and fragrances, Saeve has developed divine textures to the touch which diffuse scents, each more addictive than the other, and for good reason: our fragrances have been specially composed from natural essences distilled by a Nose from the greatest perfume houses. Something to do good for his soul as well as his skin… CQFD.

Yes to cheerfulness and to the second degree

Because nothing prevents reconciling scientific rigor with a cheerful and offbeat tone. Saeve is much more than a skincare line: it's a universe apart, a joyful world where the products are surrounded by humorous claims and colorful illustrations. The botanical spirit is here reinterpreted with freshness and lightness through a magical forest universe. Positive thoughts and a guaranteed feel-good effect...

In short, at Saeve, nothing matters more than naturalness, performance and pleasure of use... In joy and good humor!