Once upon a time there was Saeve

Once upon a time… Saeve!


How do you reconcile the irreconcilable, specifically:
natural skincare that is also high performance?

“Simple” active ingredients covered by ultra-sophisticated exclusive patents?

Highly natural yet highly sensorial formulas?
Pauline Bony, founder of Saeve, explains.

Major brands working on major discoveries

I have always been passionate about beauty and spent fifteen years developing products for the biggest names in French cosmetics before creating Saeve, my ideal brand and the result of my unique and quirky vision of beauty. Suffice it to say that during all these years, I learnt everything, or almost, about the secrets of ingredients and textures - I’ve tested almost 2,000 formulas - and I had the opportunity to collaborate with researchers, professors, biologists who taught me, backed up by evidence, certain key concepts: the need to protect skin every day with antioxidants, to boost the skin’s immune defenses rather than continually demanding too much of it, to use ingredients of natural origin, and what is best for skin... In short, I came to the conclusion that there was still a lot to be done. And that the possibilities were infinite.  



Childhood home

Sometimes what we’re looking for is very close by... It was when I went back to where I grew up, in the Auvergne region, that I (re)discovered, with the help of an exceptional botanist, one of nature’s treasures: organic fresh Birch Sap, an elixir used to make treatments by the women in my family (and others!) but that had until now been very seldom used in cosmetics.

And yet... Once its benefits for skin had been laboratory tested I was left with no choice but to make organic fresh Birch Sap the star active ingredient in a range of high-performance skincare.


Natural... and supernatural powers

And so I created Saeve, the first brand of natural, expert and ultra-high performance skincare that infuses the skin with the exceptional powers of organic fresh Birch Sap and miraculous organic Chaga, “mushroom of immortality”, and other amazing natural ingredients, derived from plants that surround us.

These ingredients are all natural, 100% amazing, used in such high concentrations that the results on the skin are obvious, visible, long-lasting. A brand with authentic promises but a light and offbeat tone, serious without taking itself seriously.

Have fun ! Have Saeve ! Saeve your skin !