Instant S[aè]ve in Spring

S[aè]ve in Spring? It can largely be lived like this...

Instant S[aè]ve in Spring

Hey, widen your eyes to see? Look at this Springtime, which settles cheerfully in your heart and outside. It's time to step outside and enjoy the rays of the sun and the good mood.

We, at the office, decided to invest the terraces of cafes for lunch at noon. Crocuses, daffodils, and magnolias, the flowers begin to unfold.

Why not rent a bike and ride around town to the large botanical garden? Dressed in your most beautiful Trench and your little divine Exquise calves, what a joy to go for a walk as you please.

The children are playing again in the squares. The shops display light and colorful dresses and camisoles. Bistro owners take out the tables and signs of spring menus line the shopping streets. Here, a navarin of carrots and peas, what a great idea! It smells of rediscovered lightness.

Perfect Pisum anti-dark spot range

For unified and radiant skin...

Speaking of peas, we offer some in our Perfect Pisum range. The latter was imagined and designed to lighten tired skin. At the end of Winter, we often find ourselves looking extinguished and blurred. A few red spots here and there, what woman has never found herself gray and dull at the dawn of fine weather? And instead of letting the skin breathe, we tend to want to hide our disillusioned looks.

Say goodbye to foundations and Baking Powder! Use our serums concentrated in titrated pea extract. Our two botanical beauty elixirs are there to unify your complexion and harmonize it.

Our clients say so. The skin regains radiance and light from the first mornings. They correct imperfections such as spots, traces of pimples and fine lines of dehydration. The pea has ferulic acid and caffeic acid, capable of detoxifying the skin and soothing inflammation. It therefore activates the immune system of that one.

Saeve Botanical Serums

The best of Saeve!

Our serums do not contain silicones, parabens, polyethylene glycols or mineral oils. They won't pollute your skin any more than it might already be. In addition, working on your pigment spots in the Spring will prevent you from having a speckled and marked complexion this summer.

Result, the skin is regenerated, brightened, radiant. It catches the light like the most beautiful of mirrors.

Come on, everyone on a bike, it's time to go shine!

S[ æ ]ve, products that accompany you all year round.

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