5 wise tips to get out of winter with peace of mind

Deep desire to live with the sun arriving? A feeling of renewal blows through your mind. That’s good, us too!

Dandelion flower fields

In the meantime, we have some recommendations to give you so as not to be carried away by this crazy energy. 8000 initiatives per second, it's tiring, isn't it?

Even if the calendar still tells us it is Winter, Spring is already here . In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it starts at the beginning of February. The proof is the little daffodils in Grandma's garden. The rise of S[æ]ve begins.

Life takes over. The organs most stressed during this period are the liver and the gallbladder. They must clean up this growing energy, the projects that are flying, the impatience that is tugging and clean up the kilos of raclette that you have been eating lately.

Nausea, irritability, conjunctivitis, big 8 moods, tears, allergies, disturbed female cycles, blistered skin. How pretty it is.

Follow our 5 tips to be full of energy at the end of winter.

#1 – We take the time to breathe

The lungs support the liver in its hard work. So, we go out, we breathe, we meditate, we “yogatize”, we walk in the park and we move our butt.

#2 – Vegetables, whatever the cost

Even if there's a food shortage and we're starting to overload on leeks, we don't give up. New carrots and golden ball turnips are here to help you. Also think citrus fruits, pineapple, mango! Tropical fruits are full of vitamins.

#3 – Let’s go back to stretching class

And we stretch our whole body, in particular through long movements which involve the whole body and the sides, passages of the liver and gallbladder meridians. Give your body a boost.

#4 – Dandelion, as they say

If we put it in the products of our Detox Officinale range, it is no coincidence. While waiting for the arrival of fresh Birch Sap on the shelves of your favorite organic stores, treat yourself to a small cure of dandelion infusions at a rate of 50 cl every day for 3 weeks. Dandelion is known to be liver protective, depurative, diuretic, antioxidant and relieves muscle pain.

#5 – And what about Paradise then?

Well, it can be found in our Pur Paradisi range. If Nature does things right, it uses the skin to expel the toxin. Result ? Small round comedones. So help her even more. Why not try our Anti-blemish Purifying Botanical Serum with titrated pink grapefruit extract to show off a pretty fresh complexion?

A beautiful healthy energy and S[æ]ve
The T[æ]m

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