The benefits of Vitamin C

benefits of vitamin c

If you are told vitamin C, what comes to mind first? Images of athletes moving tirelessly? Baskets of oranges and kiwis? Smiling people who seem to have a peach of hell and energy?

It is clear that it is the first that we claim from the pharmacist when we feel overwhelmed. But we are slightly on the wrong track. Because it is not the most appropriate to remedy the lack of vital energy. And for good reason, the power of vitamin C is found first in other virtues. Indirectly, it will still benefit the general tone. And if we want to promote the production of energy, it is towards the vitamins of group B that we must go.

This association of ideas is the result of several years of selling effervescent vitamin C. It was the composition of these chemical formulas that made them energizing. Vitamin C had nothing to do with it.

Very good news for us, vitamin C is an essential nutrient for maintaining the integrity of the skin and therefore our beauty. It is a major constituent.

Therefore, a little reminder of the proper use of Vitamin C, its effects and its presence in our Perfect Pisum Anti-Dark Spot Radiance Booster Botanical Serum . Because given its effectiveness on the harmony of the complexion, we couldn't do without it in this product.


What is the role of Vitamin C?

Vitamin C has been one of the most studied micronutrients since the discoveries of Linus Pauling, Nobel Prize in Chemistry in the 1950s.

This vitamin is essential for maintaining general homeostasis. A number of its actions are validated by ANSES.

It is known to have positive effects on immunity and in particular infections and bacteria. Indeed, it supports the reactivity of white blood cells and in particular lymphocytes, neutrophils, phagocytes and the production of interferon to the antiviral action. It is this inner strength that will give the sensation of the famous energy boost.

In addition, vitamin C is recognized as a powerful major antioxidant involved in the protection of tissues during the detoxification phases of the body . This vitamin acts at the intracellular and blood level in terms of anti-radical protection.

Finally, it participates in the feeling of general tone. Iron deficiencies causing a state of general fatigue, vitamin C is a cofactor for the assimilation of iron from plants . Thus, vegetarians are advised to consume raw, seasonal fruits and vegetables even more carefully than omnivores.

However, this vitamin is water soluble. It oxidizes rapidly on contact with air and heat. And the body cannot store it or manufacture it . We must therefore be vigilant about its daily food consumption.

As far as the skin is concerned, vitamin C lodges in the keratinocytes of the dermis and epidermis. The skin and connective tissues use a high concentration of this vitamin.

Let's see why it is needed.

The benefits of Vitamin C on the structure of the skin

Vitamin C is involved in the synthesis of collagen and in the preservation of messenger RNA in skin cells. It allows in its function to activate the proteins necessary for the production of collagen.

Collagen enters directly into the structural composition of the skin with elastin. It helps maintain the epidermis. The production of collagen decreases with advancing age and this is all the more true if there is a lack of vitamin C intake.

Vitamin C also plays a role in the rate of fibroblast proliferation . These cells feed the collagen cells. It's an additional plus.

You now understand the importance of a supply of vitamin C for the skin, whether dietary in first intention, orthomolecular or topical as a supplement. Vitamin C therefore acts on the damage of time and on premature skin ageing.

The benefits of Vitamin C and skin healing

Remember, vitamin C resides in the cells of the dermis and epidermis.

When you have a wound, the concentrations of vitamin C will necessarily decrease around it. In our case, it could be lesions left by imperfections. Either the acne has appeared in excess in the form of papules or pustules. Either you happily annoyed your pimples and it left traces.

If vitamin C allows the synthesis of collagen, it is therefore essential for healing . It will intervene in cell differentiation and allow the repair of the upper layer of the epidermis.

When you suffer from a wound, a natural inflammatory reaction takes place. This leads to the production of free radicals. Vitamin C is there to protect us. Therefore, oral or local vitamin C intakes are recommended in case of wounds.

The benefits of Vitamin C on sun protection

Benefits of vitamin c on sun exposure

We mentioned above the antioxidant power of vitamin C in the case of inflammation.

But sun exposure and the body's photosensitive reaction are inflammatory reactions. In itself, the vitamin C of the skin therefore helps to fight against the effects of UV rays . The application of vitamin C does not, however, have a sun protection function stricto sensu. But it will reinforce its action.

If we go further, we know that exposure to the sun leads to photodamage such as sunburn, the risk of melanoma and pigment spots.

Vitamin C can therefore be involved in cellular repair caused by UVA damage from the sun and in particular in the preservation of cellular DNA.

Vitamin C in a Saeve Botanical Serum.

Vitamin C Benefits, Saeve Serums

Really, vitamin C is a wonder! And in topical application, it is all the more recommended for all that we have mentioned before.

However, its fragility implies making it stable and offering it in a specific form. We have therefore chosen to use a derivative of vitamin C in oily form: ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate.

This molecular form is fully validated by the INCI. It is non-toxic to the body and non-polluting to the environment.

It is found in the Booster Radiance Anti-Dark Spots Botanical Day Serum from the Perfect Pisum range.

This serum has been designed to work on cell protection and the fight against free radicals in order to help harmonize the complexion and restore light. Our serum is therefore a powerful antioxidant. The power of vitamin C is increased tenfold by the presence of other antioxidants, such as our patent Immunox® or the polyphenol Oxyresveratrol.

This serum is therefore perfect for unifying the complexion and protecting the skin of the face during the day. We get rid of the most stubborn stains, incongruous marks and neutralize anything that could cause further damage. Especially since pea extracts titrated in monosaccharides also act on the correction and unification of the complexion.

Vitamin C as Clarity, Correction, Charm, Class….

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