Face Mapping, a reliable method to understand your imperfections?

face mapping

“In front of what? Mapping? But I have a card on my face? Like many adults affected by acne, it seems like you've tried everything. Scrubs, aggressive molecules, triple cleansing, stopping cheese, visiting the dermatologist, taking specific medications, it's all been there.

And yet, the imperfections are still there. And if it calms down a bit, it comes back quickly and often to the same place. So one day, you find information about Face Mapping. This method invites you to decipher the origin of your imperfections according to the location of your pimples. For example, if it is on the cheek, it would come from the lungs.

Face Mapping derives its veracity from the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The button would then be the reflex expression of the imbalance of an internal organ. Face Mapping is therefore part of the logic of Chinese reflexology techniques. These methods have been practiced for millennia and are still proving their worth today, including on serious pathologies.

Face Mapping is all the rage. It is intended as a miracle solution for some. But trend does not necessarily rhyme with efficiency. Is it an exact science? Is it really reliable? And what should I do once I have pulled my information? So we decided to write a full post on the issue.

1 – Yes, acne informs us that there is a dysfunction

Any medicine, whether conventional or traditional, will consider acne and blemishes as the expression of an imbalance. Treatment methods will not necessarily be the same, but in any case the pimples indicate a malfunction.

Be careful, we are talking here about chronic acne, of more or less constant severity and visibility. The little fleeting accident from the day after a party can happen to anyone. It does not need to panic more than reason.

If we place ourselves on the side of integrative medicines such as TCM, the fundamental principle will consist in seeking the cause of the problem. The Face Mapping is therefore from there.

To summarize, here is how to interpret the origin of the buttons according to the zones:

  • The forehead would correspond to the digestive system,
  • The temples and the contour of the eye would tell us about the kidneys,
  • The glabella would suggest the liver,
  • The cheeks would be connected to the lungs,
  • The mandibles and the chin would indicate the pelvic floor, the reproductive organs and the hormonal system.

Face mapping with Saeve

As it stands, Traditional Chinese Medicine practices have existed since 3500 BC. The results have therefore been observable for millennia. But as a reminder, a course in traditional Chinese medicine will require 5 years of study. And if we look at the manual technique of reflexology itself, it takes about 2 years to master all the fundamentals.

So, in view of these elements, is Face Mapping sufficient to solve his skin problems?

2 – No, Face Mapping is not enough

The one and only interest of Face Mapping is to raise a line of investigation as to the cause of your imperfections . It is, however, an isolated sign. And all holistic medicines will agree that a sign is not worth a conclusion.

When a traditional medicine practitioner sees you for the first consultation, he will ask you many questions for more than an hour. This investigation aims to seek precisely the root cause at the origin of the problem. To do this, he will question his consultant, taking an interest in the functioning of all the organs. This allows data to be linked in order to find a first cause.

Then, the practitioner is interested in the person's lifestyle: food, sleep, physical activity, stress, the psycho-emotional sphere . This is how we determine the potential triggers of the problem.

If we come back to Face Mapping and the person has pimples on the forehead, this seems to indicate to us that there would be imbalances in the intestines. But why ? Does the person have an upset transit? Does the individual have food intolerances? Does the person have irritated intestines? In the latter specific case, is it a food problem? What role does stress play? Where is he from ? Does this stress lead him to eat too much or badly? Etc…

If we stop only at the simple sign indicated by the Face Mapping, the person can draw too hasty conclusions regarding his situation. Beware of green self-medication and cure errors.

Sometimes between the external sign and the basic problem, the causal link is far from what one might think.

3 – In and Out, a truly effective holistic approach

On the other hand, Face Mapping makes it possible to give a first clue as to the procedure to follow. If your blemishes keep coming back to the same areas, it's time to seek professional help . If you haven't seen a dermatologist, start there already.

Then, nothing prevents you from making an appointment with a traditional Chinese doctor, an Ayurveda practitioner or a naturopath. Do not embark on cures of plants or food supplements without knowing what it is about.

For example, many adult women still have hormonal acne . However, plants that act on the hormonal system can disrupt it if they are taken in too large quantities. Moreover, the field of intervention may be elsewhere. Never go it alone to solve the problem.

The winning combo is to find the source and act within and without. From there, you can intervene precisely by modifying your lifestyle and act locally with the help of specific, adapted and non-aggressive products for an optimum result.

4 – Pure Paradisi in all circumstances

Anti-blemish care

For our part, our Pur Paradisi range is suitable for all the causes that create acne and imperfections. We act on the consequence and whatever the potential conclusions from the Face Mapping, the result is always the same: micro-cysts, papules and pustules.

Pur Paradisi is our purifying Anti-Blemish range. It was designed for:

  • Regulate sebum production,
  • Cleanse the epidermis,
  • Tighten pores,
  • Mattify the skin,
  • Harmonize the complexion.

In this range, we have added titrated AHA extracts of Pink Grapefruit with our cherished Immunox® patent. This allows to intervene on the skin without attacking it or weakening it even more. The presence of fermented Bacillus makes it possible to reseed the cutaneous microbiota and to act as a very gentle peeling . Zinc salt purifies the skin to stop bacterial proliferation.

We are told many very touching testimonials from people who have regained their self-confidence because they no longer have to suffer the marks and discomfort of skin reddened by imperfections.

In this range, there is everything to ensure the cleaning, sanitation, treatment, hydration and masking of the skin.

At Saeve, we do more than Face Mapping, we do Face Engineering

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