TOP 5 questions answered

Many of you ask us questions every day about our brand or our Saeve treatments, so we have created a TOP 5 of the most frequently asked questions!


Here are the answers to your questions :

#1: "I am allergic to birch. Is there a risk?"

No None ! There is no pollen in the ascending Birch sap. It is indeed harvested in March, that is to say before pollination. The tests carried out on the analysis of this sap show that it does not contain any trace of pollen.

#2: "I have sensitive skin. Can I use your skincare products?"

We have created a special range tested on sensitive skin under dermatological control: this is the Hydra Malva moisturizing range based on moisturizing and soothing titrated mallow. It offers cleansing care with different textures, serum, cream and eye contour.

#3: "What does your Immunox® patent do?"

Our Immunox® patent ("Immun" for immunity and "Ox" for antioxidant) is a unique and exclusive botanical combination that will help preserve the beauty of the skin, as well as all its radiance. With more than 115 tests and scientific studies carried out, this patent repairs mitochondrial DNA and protects cellular DNA, it provides antioxidant protection and stimulates the skin's immune defenses, for skin that is more beautiful and better equipped to resist future attacks.

#4: "Are you organic?"

W e are not organic even if we have all the attributes! No silicone, no PEG, no mineral oil, no phenoxyethanol, no colorant, no sodium laureth sulphate, no gluten… We nevertheless wanted very high performance for our skincare products, so we have chosen for certain products to incorporate the most powerful active ingredients on the market such as tripeptides for anti-aging and firmness (non-organic but harmless to the skin), AHAs (a combination of fruit acids that gently exfoliate the skin) or ferments ( biotechnological active ingredients that increase the effectiveness of our treatments tenfold) .

#5: "Do you test your products on animals?"

Absolutely not. This is prohibited by European regulations . We test our products by alternative methods on volunteers. The tests are also carried out by an independent laboratory for total transparency .

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