Organic birch sap: why and how to consume it?

Organic birch sap cure

We are happy. The Birch Sap harvest season has begun and we will be able to renew our stocks to make our products. The mother essence of Saeve is being carefully recovered and this gives us immense joy.

And this year, we are again offering you organic birch sap cures to drink . We couldn't miss it! Joy even more tenfold.

We are coming out of a particularly harsh winter. We had to stay at home and be even more sedentary. No exit, more slowness, too much food, maybe too much.

It is therefore with great pleasure that we propose to drink this nourishing liquid with indisputable virtues. It must be said that organic Birch Sap is one of the main ingredients in the composition of our cosmetics . We are also proud to be the only brand in the world to offer Birch Sap in treatments to protect the skin.

At Saeve, this jewel of nature is associated with another treasure: the enigmatic but no less wonderful mushroom of eternal life: the Organic Chaga . Combined together, these two local ingredients gave birth to our Immunox® Patent , our magic synergy.

But why is it so interesting to do a Birch Sap cure? Why suggest that you consume it internally when there is already some in our products?

It's because it's completely complementary of course. Elimination, remineralization, anti-oxidation, vitality, energy. We went looking for it for you, in our French forests, in the middle of the season .

Focus on the major ingredient of our products and on the trademark of our founder Pauline and the fundamentals of Saeve.

Ancestral sap with a thousand virtues

Used since the Middle Ages, Birch has always been used for medicinal purposes. Everything from this ancestral tree can be used: leaves, bark, buds and sap. Depending on the issues, we will use one part more than another.

But what brings us today is Birch Sap.

The sap is the juice. It is the nourishing beverage, which climbs from Mother Earth to bring and water the tree to the top of its branches and nourish it. The sap is what prepares the tree to magnify itself for the hot and lively seasons. It is also she who repairs the tree from winter damage.

We are therefore entering this period of the year, when the pickers circulate in silence in front of the dew in the birch groves of France to harvest it.

In the mist of the clay soils, the pickers will make a hole in the trunks of the Betula with a small tendril. They will then introduce a tube with a pipe, itself connected to a container. Gradually, drops of Birch sap will flow out quietly. It is necessary to respect a code of good practices so as not to tire the trees and to plunder them completely. We harvest only on old trees and without going to the end of their reserves.

This delicate ballet only takes place 3 weeks a year, in March, at the time of the ascending Moon. That is to say if this product is beautiful, rare and precious. It is this Birch sap that we put in our products for your well-being and that we offer you today bottled for a cure.

Why consume Birch Sap?

The birch is therefore gorged with the resources of the Earth, which nourished it. Birch sap is the concentrate. Studies have reported the presence of multiple nutrients in the latter: calcium, magnesium, silica, zinc, manganese, phosphorus, iron, copper . The concentrations can vary, but it is good to know that all the minerals present in the sap of Birch are easily assimilated.

Birch sap flowing from the trunk

Indeed, we spoke of suc earlier. Birch sap is actually naturally sweet because it is made up of fructose and glucose. We do not add any sugar in the Birch sap that we offer. But it is this same sugar, which will promote the assimilation of nutrients.

It is also naturally rich in vitamin C, proteins and amino acids, polyphenols and phenolic acids .

The main property of Birch sap is said to be depurative . Indeed, it will activate diuresis and therefore elimination by the kidney. Consider how well things are done. Birch sap is harvested exactly at the time of the year when we need it to free ourselves from the toxins accumulated during the winter. It will therefore increase the quantities of water eliminated and promote detoxification of the body.

By extension, Birch sap will have a draining action on water retention, swelling in the legs, high blood pressure and gout. Thanks to antioxidant and anti-inflammatory polyphenols, it will bring comfort to osteo-articular problems . : there we can not put that. Mets: Thanks to its unique composition, Birch sap would even bring comfort to osteo-articular problems.

Thanks to its proteins, Birch sap promotes cell renewal. It is all benefit for our skin in order to work to regenerate it. It will gradually erase the traces and marks left by acne, dehydration and skin aging .

In view of all its minerals and trace elements, Birch sap will help remineralize the body by playing on the acid-base balance . Silica also helps strengthen hair and nails . It's ideal for regaining a rosy, fresh, blemish-free complexion and goddess-like hair in 3 weeks.

How to consume Birch Sap?

To take advantage of the virtues of Birch sap, it is imperative to choose the purest possible. We have added only 1% organic lime juice to ours as the only preservative.

We invite you to do a Birch sap cure in this seasonal transition at the rate of a ½ glass of 12.5 cl per day , to be taken on an empty stomach in the morning over 3 weeks . You therefore need the equivalent of 3 to 4 bottles of our Birch sap to make a complete cure.

As Birch sap contains sugars. These can tend to ferment in the bottle. However, this does not alter the taste or the benefits of the product. However, be sure to open your bottles one after the other.

Store in the fridge after opening. And to accentuate the depurative side and the interior sweep, remember to drink 1.5 liters of water a day to help the kidneys in their elimination work. During this detox, take the opportunity to go to bed early and do not eat too much fat, salt or sugar.

Bottle of Saeve Organic Birch Sap

It is not recommended to consume organic Birch sap if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, if you suffer from kidney failure or if you have developed large kidney stones and if you are affected by autoimmune diseases in crisis phase. Do not hesitate to ask your doctor for advice if you have any doubts.

The official suppliers of fresh organic Birch “Saeve” are us!

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