Redness on the face: causes and solutions

Redness on the face

There are days when you see red for the slightest sock lying around. There are days when we are in love and the rose lifts us up because it says “I love you” .

And then, there are endless days, when we see red on our face. And between raspberry and scarlet, there are many shades on our cheeks .

Redness on the face is not exceptional . It is even said that 10% of the population would be affected by this type of problem, but that only 20% can be treated. Yet this affection deserves attention.

Redness on the face can cause a lot of aesthetic and psychological discomfort when it becomes chronic and is accompanied by pimples. And this is where we come in. Nothing is ever etched, everything can change by understanding the causes of facial redness and taking action.

Today, we are looking at redness on the face to better get rid of it with a simple solution: our P90 Radiance Activating Essence . His magic power? Reinforce our reactive cutaneous barrier which "blushes" our life.

1 – Why do I have redness on my face?

The 4 signs of inflammation are: redness, swelling, warmth and pain.

There is of course a difference between fleeting blushes from sun exposure or embarrassing emotion and persistent blushes.

We are not talking either about a natural hyper oxygenation due to a hammam or the tasting of a spicy dish.

We are talking here about more significant, chronic redness on the face, installed on the cheeks and temples, on the chin, sometimes even on the edges of the eyes.

We speak of erythrosis for persistent redness. We will go as far as rosacea when the small blood vessels are visible on the surface.

When the inflammation is too strong, it can generate hot flashes, thickening of the skin, bumps with the appearance of pimples. This redness is called rosacea and acne rosacea . These conditions must last more than 3 months to be characterized by a dermatologist.

Overall, the face burns, itches, the skin feels tight and it heats up for nothing, including the wind .

Among other genetic factors, scientific research shows a potential imbalance of the innate immune system . We mentioned it in our article “ How to boost your immunity ”. This imbalance induces an exaggerated reaction of the immune system with significant inflammation and redness on the face. The skin becomes hypersensitive to bacteria, temperature variations, dust and dust mites.

2 – How to calm my redness on the face naturally?

Research tends to show that people prone to redness on the face, especially in severe forms, have more dehydrated and drier skin than others.
This preponderance feeds this phenomenon of redness on the face. If the skin is dry, a hyperproduction of sebum contributes to an imbalance of the pH of the skin.

A diet rich in good essential fatty acids can help reduce your redness.

To calm your redness on the face, do not hesitate to include omega 3 in your plate. It is found in fatty fish such as salmon, sardines, tuna and mackerel, cod liver. Raw uncooked butter and eggs are also providers.
On the vegetarian side, the emphasis is on walnuts , to reduce your redness on the face, but also on good vegetable oils , such as hemp, camelina, rapeseed, flax and omega 3 blends.

Omega 3 Nuts, anti-redness food

You can also do food supplement cures to help you calm your facial redness, making sure to choose DHA capsules dosed at 250mg per day.

3 – How do I remove my redness with Saeve?

Make-up removal
Depending on the situation, you may need to camouflage your redness on the face. Be sure to choose suitable cosmetics in this case.

In fact, we must remind you of this rule of makeup removal. It must be done as gently as possible so as not to awaken the fire and accentuate your redness on the face.

Spotlight on our Hydra Malva Comfort Cleansing Milk with its incomparable softness, ideal for sensitive skin prone to redness. The soothing richness of Sweet Almond , the emollient powers of Mallow extracts and the moisturizing Omega 7 of Sea Buckthorn make make-up removal as soft as a cloud on the skin. Benevolence embodied for skin that needs rest.

Redness on the face, Comfort Cleansing Milk

In this continuum of rediscovered Peace, we invite you to as much tenderness with the Cleansing Gel Make-up Remover Hydra Malva . The more we prevent the skin from fighting against bacteria and impurities, the more we protect ourselves from inappropriate reactions such as facial redness.

Redness on the face, Makeup Removing Cleansing Gel

On the other hand, we insist on temperance and delicacy of the gesture for skin prone to facial redness. We therefore avoid brushes, gloves, abrasive sponges, capable of causing the appearance of redness on the face. Clean hands and lukewarm water are best. Our soap-free gel respects the balance of the skin and has been dermatologically tested on sensitive skin .

When talking about dryness, hydration of the skin is very important. Soothing Thirst-Quenching Cream and Rich Thirst-Quenching Cream with Mallow extracts titrated in soothing mucilage are made for you. Remember this gesture. Moisturizing your skin also helps protect it to reduce facial redness.

Redness on the face, Thirst-quenching creams

The balance of the skin flora
We come to our essentials. We mentioned the reactivity of the skin barrier and the excessive inflammatory reaction. It is important to act on the balance of the skin microbiota. All the microbiota in our body are made up of good bacteria and yeasts capable of repelling microbes.

When we suffer from redness on the face with visible pores and acne, our greatest wish is to take action. Scrubs, acids, alcoholic lotion, we try everything. And that is sometimes counterproductive. To remedy facial redness, it is better to have a simple and minimalist routine with targeted products rather than relentlessness.

Our F90 Radiance Activating Essence has been infused with 90% natural probiotics . The immune system is again supported by an army of saccharomyces, providers of nutrients. Thanks to our Immunox ® patent , the immune response calms down. It no longer needs to be exaggerated. The PH of the skin is balanced, redness appeases, Harmony returns . We are fine.

F90 Radiance Activating Essence

It will be applied to the face always after cleansing , just before applying creams and any targeted treatments and serums.

And as a bonus, with its titled Pois extracts, the radiance of the face returns. From flamboyant, you become luminous, to the delight of your retina and your self-confidence.

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