Dehydrated skin: the virtues of Mallow

Mauve, Saeve
Don't we say "Small, but strong" ? Today, we corroborate this adage with our pretty Mauve, star of the Hydra Malva range.

It's the cute moment of the week. This delicate little flower of a soft and harmonious purple is full of incredible benefits for dehydrated skin. It is developing right now, in Spring. We even encourage you to harvest them to dry them and consume them in a beneficial infusion if you wish.

Be careful, the list of its fabulous virtues is long.

Physiologically, Mallow helps fight infections by boosting B lymphocytes, small sentinels of our immune defences.

It contains mucilage. In contact with water, this plant substance takes on the appearance of a gel, giving it an emollient action. In herbal medicine, this word refers to anything that will soften and calm inflammation. It will therefore have a proven effectiveness during colds and other ENT inconveniences, by allowing to relieve painful throats and to clear the respiratory tracts.

Mucilage improves people suffering from digestive inflammation and helps regulate transit. As a reminder, a happy transit has a direct impact on the beauty of your skin.

Happy girl Hydra Malva from Saeve

Besides, on the latter, it's a pure marvel. Its anti-inflammatory characteristics will have the same effect when applied topically.

In special cases, it will soothe burns, sunburn, insect bites and itchy skin. Thanks to the presence of flavonoids, the small Malva Sylvestris will help heal and prevent premature aging. It soothes the painful sensations of torn and heated faces due to dehydration. Dehydrated skin is often uncomfortable. She tends to blush and sometimes scratch when she needs water. The plumpness of the face loses hold and the freshness of the complexion is blurred.

Happy girl Hydra Malva from Saeve

Saeve 24hr Soothing Moisturizing Botanical Serum

Mallow at S[æ]ve

In our soothing moisturizing range, Mallow is combined with our magic Immunox complex with fresh organic birch sap and organic Chaga. Our desire is to offer you products aimed at more than just the moisturizing function that we hope for.

For example, in our best-selling Soothing 24-Hour Hydrating Botanical Serum , you'll find titrated Mallow extract at the optimal concentration and plant-based hyaluronic acid to help your dehydrated skin look light, rested and plumped.

Be fresh as a Mallow… Be S[æ]ve!

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