My perfect routine for repairing sun damage!

My perfect routine for repairing sun damage!

So, did we do something stupid? If you're reading this article, chances are you've overstated the tan. Maybe you took a nasty sunburn that left traces? Worse, you have decided to expose yourself without protection...
After reading this article wisely, we advise you to read the one that deals with free radicals . It will allow you to understand the impact of radiation, especially that of the sun.
Today, we're just going to give you a pragmatic approach. We are in emergency mode in the sense that you must intervene quickly so that the damage linked to the sun has only temporary impacts.
Your skin may have a strange color. If it is not red, it looks greyish and cardboard-like. Your tan makes you look harsh and your skin lacks radiance and luminosity.
Don't forget that the stratum corneum has thickened to protect the DNA of your cells against the aggression of the sun. It is therefore thicker and probably subject to an accumulation of dead skin.
Come on, we explain everything to you to recover your skin. History that in the office, you are rather congratulated for your beautiful radiant complexion and your pretty skin.

1 – Mission: Hydration!

Hydrate your body.

We are not going to go back over the probable dangers induced by too much exposure to the sun. You know them and it may be a by-product of unintentional excessive contact.

The only thing we have to say to you is : Drink up! Your skin is screaming at you to please drink it.

In the sun, the body heats up. To regulate the heat, he sweats more. At the beginning, the compensation is done without too many hitches. But in the end, even if you drink, the loss of water is often too great. As long as you exercise during these times, the fountain dries up completely.

So, the first thing to do to repair sun damage is to hydrate your body.

Hydrate your skin.

Let's be honest, a few fine lines may have invited themselves around your lips and in the corner of your eyes. This is the very expression of dehydration . It's likely that when you run your hands over your face, it won't be as soft and smooth as usual.

For this, we have the ideal solution: a Hydra Malva Soothing Moisturizing Ritual . This contains the perfect trio for daily maintenance that will have to be maintained for a minimum of 1 month before returning to your usual routine (Perhaps you will even adopt it for the whole year, if you did not have a routine).

This ritual contains:

  • The Soothing 24h Hydrating Botanical Serum . Its action: It plumps and smoothes thirsty skin, while protecting against the effects of time thanks to its patented active ingredients. Very concentrated in plants, it revitalizes the cellular mechanism of hydration by diffusing water to the heart of the skin cells. It is to be applied morning and evening under a thin layer of Hydra Malva Soothing Quenching Cream .

  • Hydra Malva Soothing Quenching Cream, this one will make you forget all feelings of tightness, while protecting your skin from free radicals and oxidative stress. Its soft and enveloping texture is to be applied even in the hollow of the neck, regularly.

saeve hydra malva sun damage skin woman beauty care hydration


And then, if it's really the bérézina, you just have to rely on the regenerative power of our Hydra Malva Soothing Re-Hydrating Infusion Mask. This hydration and well-being bath will intensely nourish and soothe your skin over 24 hours, while reducing the signs of fatigue and smoothing wrinkles and fine lines of dehydration.

Be generous during the pose so that your skin drinks up to its thirst.

Our entire Hydra Malva range is formulated with titrated Mallow, to find out more, go here.

saeve hydra malva mask sun damage skin woman beauty care hydration

Completely revamped

The grayish and dull color of an overly intensive tan can be due to two problems:

  • You may have applied a lot of sunscreen without exfoliating regularly.
  • In the case of overexposure to the sun, the skin is naturally protected.

If it turns brown, it is because it produces melanin. This pigment is positioned in front of the DNA of our skin cells to save it. However, the production of melanin and keratin are linked and therefore the skin thickens and the upper layers are dehydrated.

First of all, we advise you to get a new look thanks to our Instant Perfect Pisum Radiance Peeling Mask . To its advantage , it does not require more than 10 minutes of use. That is to say if its action is effective.

We are in the presence of a benevolent and very soft mask, but with a firm grip. Among its magic ingredients, it contains fruit AHAs of Blueberry, Lemon and Orange . It will therefore gently exfoliate and remove dead skin . The skin texture finally gets rid of what prevents it from being itself.

It also contains sweet almond oil which softens the skin and hydrates it with delicacy. The titrated extracts of Peas come to restore radiance to your skin. After the first pose of this mask, you will notice that your tan becomes more beautiful and that the skin calms down.

Do not hesitate to do this mask every other day following your return from vacation.

saeve perfect pisum peeling new skin mask sun damage skin woman beauty care hydration

You can also accompany it on a daily basis with Perfect Pisum Zero Flaw Skin Foam with a similar exfoliating action. Every evening, it is ideal for cleansing the skin.

So what is a good routine?

Before even thinking about neutralizing free radicals, you will have understood that the watchword is to restore vigor to your skin .

Depending on its condition, it may be useful to start with hydration before exfoliation. Even if it seems logical to rid the skin of dead cells before moisturizing it, there is a situation where it is to be avoided: if the skin of your face is still reddened with inflammation. If so, postpone the exfoliation until the redness subsides. We let you judge what is best to do depending on the situation.

Apart from this situation, here is what we offer:

Of course, we're not going to ask you to never do it again, are we? Although….


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