Tips for feeling good about your body in summer!

Tips for feeling good in your body in summer!

The ideal would be to tell you to fuck off, but we know full well that it's not necessarily that simple. We absolutely love summer and all that it brings in terms of good moods, well-deserved rest, great experiences and lovely encounters. On the other hand, we know that it is a dreaded and sometimes formidable season for women. The heat, the beach, the sun lead us to undress. We reveal this body which is hidden all year round from everyone's eyes. And we feel judged for who he is. We would like to contribute to the building of self-confidence and the happiness of enjoying life rather than its appearance. Let's set off on the path of a summer where we are happy in our heads and therefore in our bodies. The more you focus on yourself, your needs, your desires and your well-being, the more you will have a good time, leaving aside complexes. This article will therefore be full of good tips so that you can flourish during this wonderful season.

Summer, the season of complexes

The swimsuit test… The start of this test begins when you buy the swimsuit. The store booth is cramped and the lights unflattering. In the mirror, your reflection is not highlighted. Some will avoid this moment by ordering online.

Then, whether it's a swimming pool or a sea bath, you now have to go and get naked in front of others. It's time for comparisons. And it is often that of realizing and feeling failure. Others seem to have gone to greater lengths than us to achieve a slim, muscular body. This one has breasts more beautiful than mine. This one only looks at the very thin. And what will my husband think of me? He's going to compare me physically to other women and see what I'm not?

So much physical devaluation supported by social networks where filters and retouching suggest that the perfect body is not the one you have.


What if I stopped wasting my life

Then you will find yourself worthless, ugly and get angry with yourself. Then, you will decide to throw yourself into a restrictive diet with extended fitness sessions that are too strenuous to last over time.

To avoid this discomfort, some people deprive themselves of summer. They refuse outings, events with friends, romantic dates and the beach.

What if we rationalized? We admit, it's getting hotter and hotter in France. However, we are rarely in a swimsuit all year round. This represents a handful of days where your feeling of shame is nourished exclusively by your gaze. It's quite interesting to note that in other hot or tropical countries, women are more relaxed about their figure. Take Reunion Island, Brazil or Jamaica.

Every precious minute of summer that you refuse to live intensely will never be returned to you. And every summer becomes a lost summer.

Tell yourself that you are not just a body. Your being, your uniqueness is not limited to your body. An identity is not reduced to a waistline or a pair of buttocks.

Believe us, physical artifice means nothing in the face of the many facets that make up an individual. Open your field of tolerance to others. We are sure that you give little importance to other people's appearances. Well know that it is the same for them.

And ultimately, we are all in the same boat at this point.

The Optimist’s Mindset

So let's change the way we look at it. We have the unfortunate tendency to only focus on the negative and the problematic.

To the extent that you are not just a body, you are also a mind, even a state of mind. It will be about starting to nourish your self-esteem.

  • - Have fun listing all your victories since your childhood. All those moments when you achieved something. Whether it's your great pizza recipe or a diploma.
  • - List 3 qualities that characterize you
  • - Also make a list of all your skills

It is imperative to come and highlight what works very well for you. This strengthens personal feelings of worth and self-esteem.

We tend to confide a lot of things to our friends or family in order to find support in our suffering. However, when we talk about our body, we run the risk of receiving observations that will not help us. “But if you are pretty” or “You are very good as you are” . These types of sentences tend to deepen the problem rather than temper it. Prefer to look into the subject with a specialist.

Organize your best summer

We offer you a first formidable solution. Take a look at your social networks and delete all the accounts that challenge you too much . In short, unsubscribe from profiles that only show bodies rather than life. Decide to no longer be in contact with this source of stress of constant comparison.

Want to go further? Also cut out visual sources of information and read the news through radio and podcasts. At first this may seem drastic, but it's terribly effective.

Do you dread the beach and swimsuit atmosphere? Choose more humble swimming places like rivers and waterfalls. In spas with swimming pools or thermal areas, you are often offered the use of a bathrobe to move around the establishment. This can help you enjoy the benefits of water while being more comfortable.

If you really don't like wearing a swimsuit, don't stay confined. Create a schedule with great experiences.

By remaining isolated, you maintain the feeling of exclusion. And even if you are going with friends or family, explain that you prefer to go to the museum, enjoy a beautiful café terrace, go to the cinema, hike in the countryside in an unusual place….

Don't deny yourself any activity that would do you good. This nourishes the feeling of personal well-being.

Value your body like a temple

Don't want to show off your body? Certainly. But that is no reason to abandon it.

We suggest that you choose to eat with the aim of doing him good. It’s a completely different dynamic than that of an impoverishing diet.

  • - Favor colorful fruits and vegetables which are rich in antioxidant pigments. They are able to protect you from the sun's UV rays , they make you look good in all circumstances and they act on oxidative stress and therefore aging.
  • - Eat good fatty acids to protect your skin and promote good mood, but also maintain the proper functioning of your cardiovascular system . This happens with fresh eggs, oily fish and oilseeds.
  • - Take a magnesium cure . We know that a lack of magnesium can lead to a slowdown in venous return , water retention and the feeling of heavy legs . So, don't hesitate with seafood, seaweed, dried fruits, raw cocoa but also legumes like lentils. And in addition, magnesium has the function of relaxing the nervous system .

Once we decide to take time for the well-being of our body, actions are no longer efforts but a process. Your desire is to do yourself good. Because a healthy, happy and positive mind is more easily achieved in a healthy body. In the idea of ​​a healthy body, we mean a body that is given multiple chances to move forward peacefully.

The right nutrients, good sleep, moderate physical activity and above all moments of joy and laughter.

Be connected to your beauty

This means highlighting what makes you beautiful. We give you some tips so that you feel valued in all circumstances with clothes that are easy to wear and elegant.

  • - The jumpsuit

No matter the sleeves, strapless or not, the jumpsuits always look crazy classy. They are found in very fluid and light materials. In town, with a pair of sneakers or sandals or in the evening, with a small heel, the jumpsuit suits all body types.

  • - The caftan

This tunic dress always has a rather majestic drape. It allows you to arrive like Cleopatra at the beach and go for a quiet drink afterwards. It is much more chic than a pareo. All you need is a beautiful strappy sandal, a pair of earrings, a lip gloss and life is beautiful.

  • -The leaflet dress

This dress is known to be the model that suits all women. The tie closure at the waist helps emphasize the curves without going overboard. It highlights generous breasts, delicately highlights the waist and delicately rounds the buttocks.

With variable length, it can be worn with all types of shoes.

Obviously, we couldn't conclude without talking to you about the importance of staying connected to your body and its fullness by applying skin care. Don't hesitate to use our body creams with delicious scents from the Relax Rheum or Tonus Citrus range.

tonus citrus and relax rheum body range

First, all skin needs to be hydrated in summer. And then, the more we touch our body, the more we value it through the sensory aspect. By doing this, we send him a message of unconditional love.


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