The "Beautiful Skin" foods of the summer! 🌞

Between small salads made during the week and picnic sandwiches, we often wonder where to find the beneficial foods for the skin.
In summer, there are notions of heat, fast food, “to take away” which are part of the game. We often cook less than in winter. And then there are the ice cream and whipped cream, the fries and the countless barbecues lacking vegetables.
What to eat in summer to have beautiful skin or repair the pitfalls of our pretty sunny weekends? We have listed the main problems of the summer.
First, there are imperfections due to perspiration, excess sebum and wearing a mask in public places. The sunburns are back. They cause skin burns and sometimes even late in the season. Finally, heat and heat waves are often the start of dehydration of the skin with tightness and other feelings of significant dryness.
So we've compiled a list of all the great ideas to incorporate into your summer kitchen. And if you look carefully, you can prepare wonderful aperitifs with friends with all that.

What to eat in summer if I have blemishes?

Summer is a very favorable season for good foods to treat acne-related problems. There are two lethal weapons on the stalls.

  • The watermelon

Not only is it a source of vitamin A which contributes to the maintenance of normal skin, but it is also rich in Zinc.

Zinc helps clean up bacteria and helps regulate sebum production.

There are very few fruits and vegetables containing zinc. The latter is found much more in animal products and legumes.

However, watermelon contains 2.4 grams per 100 grams.

So now is the time to review your consumption of this star cucurbit on hot days and consume it daily. Detox water, plain in pieces, in fresh green juice, in fruit salad, etc….

  • green lentils

Lentils are good sources of Zinc as well. And it just so happens that the harvest of green lentils takes place between July and September. We obviously recommend the PDO green lentils from Puy-en-Velay in Auvergne.

In a salad with fresh chopped red onions and a good vinaigrette with an oil rich in Omega 3 and life is super beautiful.

  • Fish, shellfish and crustaceans

Summer is not necessarily the most intense season for fish.

However, we often travel by the sea or towards the ocean. It is therefore time to take advantage of the undeniable virtues of seafood.

The oyster is the most charged in Zinc . If you are lucky enough to find yourself in the right places to taste it, do not hesitate.

But most of all, fish and other marine products bring you omega 3s with anti-inflammatory properties.

The rule is to consume these foods very fresh. Also avoid charring them during cooking. Up to 3 times a week , we therefore think of anchovies, prawns, prawns, lobsters and blue lobsters from Normandy. Mackerel, sardines and albacore tuna are also part of the party by cooking them with their skins on.

What to eat in the summer if I get easily sunburned?

Do we dare to speak of chance? No. Summer is the season par excellence for plants with colored pigments. These are wonderful antioxidants that fight against the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays.

  • Red, orange and yellow fruits

Raspberries, currants, blackcurrants, blueberries, apricots, melons, peaches, nectarines….

They are beta-carotene bombs. Carotenoids protect the eyes from the aggressive activity of UV rays. They also act on the renewal of tissues and mucous membranes therefore participate in the cell replication of the skin. They are free radical scavengers. It is therefore high time to complete the salad with fresh fruit. Add a hint of Sichuan pepper to the passion fruit notes to heighten the taste of the fruit.

  • tomato lycopene

Lycopene is one of the carotenoids mentioned above. It therefore has a major antioxidant action . Summer offers us so many incredible varieties of tomatoes that it would be a shame to miss them.

Lycopene promotes healthy skin that is resistant to the attacks of free radicals generated by UV rays.

However, it has been discovered that the levels of available lycopene increase if the tomato is cooked. So it's time to make coulis, chakchoukas and bruschettas with baked tomatoes.

What to eat in summer if my skin is dry?

Unsurprisingly, we remind you that it is imperative to hydrate and drink water.

However, besides consuming good cold-pressed organic virgin oils to nourish the skin, summer is good for other things to prevent the skin from becoming dehydrated.

  • fresh eggs

Summer is the ultimate season for fresh eggs. And yes, light and sun naturally increase spawning. Which is ethically much more interesting also for the hens.

The egg is the most perfect protein in the world besides its equally harmonious shape. Egg white is rich in amino acids specific to collagen synthesis.

However, raw egg yolk is a very good source of fatty acids rich in omega 3 and 6 , but also in cholesterol , precursor of steroid hormones and nutrients for neurotransmitters.

Also a precursor of vitamin A, the egg yolk is therefore a marvelous anti-aging agent insofar as it deeply nourishes the skin.

Eat the still liquid yolk: soft-boiled eggs, poached egg, fried egg, etc.

  • Avoid salt

Summer is the season for aperitifs. To deal with the most urgent, we often find on the tables crisps, salted peanuts and other quickly consumable biscuits. In the evening, there are often tapas in the form of charcuterie and cheese boards.

Ouch, ouch, ouch, salt. As long as we accompany everything with alcoholic drinks and in the early morning, we find ourselves all dried up. Salt is a water scavenger and alcohol dehydrates. So, for this summer's occasions, think about anticipating.

So, that gives us a nice salad of lentils with a soft-boiled egg, toast with candied tomatoes and prawns, grilled mackerel with rosemary, fresh water with watermelon and a salad of red fruits. We are here, right?

And to hydrate your skin and refresh yourself at any time of the day, choose Saeve's soothing re-hydrating mist . In addition to soothing sensitive skin, it gives your skin the boost you need in this extreme heat!

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Enjoy a better summer

The team

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