Why adopt a new summer routine?

What skin routine should you adopt in summer?

Have you noticed how our skin can change in the summer? Everything is changed. From its comfort to its reactions, the skin must adapt to the drier and hotter climate. There is also swimming in the sea with salt and chlorine or bromine from swimming pools. Sometimes the wind, the sand, the pollen….

Human beings struggle with change. As we like routines, it is sometimes difficult to admit that we need to adopt a new one during the summer. And then, we know, in the middle of summer, we stick to a slower mood. And sometimes you even give up on skincare.

We have nothing against letting go. It is even advisable to take a treatment break one day a week. Do not apply anything so that the skin educates itself a little.

But in summer, that's not really a good idea. Too many parameters can cause the skin to suffer and make it fragile.

So to avoid having a gray complexion at the start of the school year, we adopt a new summer routine now!


In summer, the skin becomes clogged more quickly

Our skin is more easily saturated in summer.

First, there is the question of sweating . In summer, it is more important with the risks that this entails for imperfections. With the heatwaves of recent years, drops of sweat fall more easily on the face. It’s actually very unpleasant.

As you are very good students, you understand the need to wear sunscreen products , especially during vacations with tanning sessions. As soon as your skin is exposed to the sun, it is really imperative to protect yourself from UV rays using creams with a high SPF index. That said, it's extra thickness for the skin.

We will therefore focus on cleansing the skin . And not just in the evening. Indeed, the heat also makes us sweat at night.

We therefore suggest that you help your skin get rid of impurities:

  • - In the morning, activate our Perfect Pisum Zero Defect Skin Mousse . For what ? Because its light exfoliating action can overcome anything that can clog pores. Dead cells, excess sebum, pollution, etc. Apply it to dry skin in circular movements, leave to act for 30 seconds. Rinsing is quick and easy. The skin is freshly clean.

If you suffer from skin imperfections, you can opt for its little brother, the Pur Paradisi Purifying Cleansing Gel . Its action is conducive to unclogging pores and regulating sebum.

In summer, the skin becomes dehydrated

In the summer, when it's very hot, you get thirsty, don't you? Well, it's the same for your skin and especially for the skin on your face.

Because we noticed that you were more attentive to the skin on your body after exposure to the sun. You understand that to preserve your tan, you need to hydrate. You must exercise the same vigilance with the skin on your face.

In summer, our faces become dehydrated due to high temperatures , but also swimming.

Chlorine, salt, sand, wind, all these factors contribute to drying out the skin. Not only does it feel tight, but it gives it an aged look. And for good reason, dehydrated skin begins to mark more. This creates small wrinkles which can deepen over time.

Moisturizing products for summer

We are aware that in scorching weather, you do not want to apply treatments that are too rich and heavy. Long live fine textures with express application. Our Hydra Malva Soothing Quenching Cream is made for you. When applied, this cream instantly melts into water.

A need for more intense nutrition? Test our Lift Pinaster Multi-Corrective Lift Cream with its powerful anti-wrinkle action thanks to maritime pine extracts and fragmented hyaluronic acid.

And don’t hesitate to overuse our botanical serums before creaming. Our serums are featherweight that stretch in one movement. No greasy or heavy feeling.

In summer, no doubt, we rely on our iconic Hydra Malva Soothing Moisturizing Botanical Serum . Pure hyaluronic acid of plant origin provides deep hydration in a fraction of a second without discomfort.

No more free radicals in summer

In summer, as we know, the action of free radicals is greater. We advise you to have a measured relationship with them. Don't deprive yourself of light or sunshine because it is good for your health. However, be reasonable.

However, there are situations where you just have to spend time outdoors. Perhaps, do you play sports professionally or intensively? Maybe you have a job where you work outside ? Waitress, hostess, lifeguard. Do you also live in the mountains ? We know that UV radiation is stronger because of altitude.

Protect your skin in summer

In this case, we suggest you look at our Detox Officinale range. This range is the combination of several active ingredients capable of minimizing the daily aggression of UV rays.

Immunox® patent with organic Birch sap and organic Chaga , Dandelion extracts titrated in free radical scavenger fructans, apple phloretin, all these concentrated ingredients fight against oxidative stress.

In the range, you will find light treatments with the Anti-Oxidant Detox Shield Botanical Serum and the Multi-Defense Detox Cream with SPF30 for the day.

So, do you have your summer routine?

And always the same credo, Sea, Saeve and Sun

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