Detox: 5 simple and natural gestures

Ouh la la, it seems that the galette des rois has remained on your skin! Dull and gray complexion, blackheads, shiny skin, dark circles, chafouin stomach and plump navel? The holiday season always leaves its mark...

Do not panic !

Here are 5 tips that will make your complexion and shape fresh, invigorated like the winter air.

Healthy salad for the winter

1 - [Hydrate yourself]

And yes, we pushed the champagne a bit on New Year's Eve. It's party time, it's fair game! So, we simply advise you to go back to a softer mode and drink water. But to consume the minimum amount you really need . 1.25 liters of water a day is the union imperative to help your body eliminate and allow your skin to hydrate.

2 - [Eat more raw]

We are not going to tell you the opposite, we also like butternut squash with béchamel and pears in syrup in cakes! But we are not going to lie to each other, all this is not really a source of life. Above 40°, the vitamins are unfortunately destroyed by the heat. But then how to take advantage of Vitamin C so good for our liver and our skin? By eating fresh carrots, oranges and grapefruit regularly of course! Raw every day.

3 - [Reduce gluten]

Okay, we are not necessarily all intolerant to this molecule, present in many cereals. That said, it is a heavy nutrient to digest. When you have the body in slow motion, the body has trouble coping with it. As a result, the overflow is stored! We are often bloated, and the skin begins to sprout pretty pimples on the cheeks and chin. So give your boob a break.

4 - [Consume Zinc]

Zinc is involved in most of the enzymatic reactions of the body and in particular those essential to the liver in its role of detoxification. It is also a flagship trace element in the treatment of skin lesions, antioxidant and keratin production activator: a concentrate of beauty! It is found in wheat germ, pumpkin seeds, lentils and shiitake mushrooms.

5 - [Think Dandelion]

In our Detox Officinale range, we find something to sober up your skin and revitalize it thanks to the titrated Dandelion . With organic Birch Sap and organic Chaga, recognized and proven to be detoxifying and antioxidant, it couldn't be more suitable for getting rid of over-watered New Year's Eve! Officinal detox range

Have a S[æ]ve Detox!

The team

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