How to get rid of dark circles and bags under the eyes?

Get rid of dark circles and bags under the eyes

...without wearing huge sunglasses!

This morning, you mechanically go to the bathroom to go about your daily routine. With your eyes half-closed, still in Morpheus' arms, you scrutinize your face in the mirror.

And there, horror. Under your amazed eyes, a dark circle stands out from the rest of your face. Dark circles under the eyes have settled. Worse, your eye area is puffy. Pockets are also invited.

Do not panic, no need to put your morale in your socks. Dark circles and bags under the eyes are not inevitable.

Today we offer you a special review on dark circles and puffiness in order to understand them and adopt the right beauty gestures to chase them away. So that the morning mirror no longer rhymes with grief.

To play down the subject, know that we all have dark circles under our eyes. Even very small babies can sport a slight shadow under their eyes if they have had little sleep or are sick. Moreover, the appearance of dark circles depends for everyone on a hereditary factor.

The bones of the head interlock in such a way as to house the eyes in the orbital cavity to protect them. Covered by our protective skin, this jugo-palpebral furrow is therefore softer by nature.

Depending on the pigmentation of each person's skin and the state of its fineness, the hollow under the eye tends to take on a more or less dark color compared to the rest of the face. This is called a ring. Pigmentation and vascularization specific to each lead to dark circles under the eyes that can range from light brown to purple.

Why a focus on our doe gaze?

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The eye contour is the most fragile area of ​​our face. And for good reason, it is the thinnest , with a composition low in proteins that structure our skin (collagen, elastin) and in adipose cells (fat). Its thickness is approximately 0.05 mm around the eyes, against ± 0.14 mm on the rest of the face. With more than 10,000 blinks per day allowed thanks to 22 muscles, it is constantly solicited. The eye contour is richly vascularized . There is a rich blood (which drains the blood) and lymphatic (which drains the lymph) microcirculation. Several factors can disrupt this complex system and lead to the appearance of dark circles and bags under the eyes.

But what is the difference between a ring and a pocket?

  • Dark circles

Dark circles under the eyes are caused by poor blood circulation and poor lymphatic drainage . The lymphatic system ensures the proper drainage of blood. That is to say, it will take care of transporting the toxins and waste products produced by the cells of the muscles, the skin and providing nutrients . This biological liquid loaded with cells of the immune system, toxins, waste, is called lymph.

When the lymphatic system is out of order, it no longer properly eliminates the pigments grouped under the skin , and therefore takes on a color ranging from blue to brown, accentuating the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. As the skin around the eye is very thin, this coloring shows up slightly and can be one of the causes of pigmentation of dark circles under the eyes.

With age, the muscles sag and the adipose tissue that provides the rebound becomes scarce, dark circles can thus be more pronounced. There is also a loss of collagen which relaxes the skin tissue. This phenomenon can accentuate the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. This therefore results in a natural "ptosis" of the face, which pulls the skin down and hollows out the ring, revealing the vessels.

  • Pockets

Conversely, bags under the eyes are the result of an accumulation of water and fat under the eyes , giving that puffy look. A poor lifestyle (alcohol, tobacco, lack of sleep, etc.) can cause water retention and the appearance of bags under the eyes. Lymphatic vessels can also be the source of the problem if they are not working properly.

As such, allergies, colds, tearing, eczema and all pathologies related to eye health induce greater marking. If we rub our eyes, cough or sneeze heavily, a slight congestion may become visible under our eyes.

How to reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes?

As said before, to reduce puffiness and dark circles , optimize your lifestyle . Focus on getting quality sleep and trying to reduce stress to fight puffiness and dark circles under your eyes . Avoid screens at night. This leads to a droop conducive to venous and lymphatic stagnation.

Then, it is necessary to pamper this fragile fabric. Remember that it does not have a hydrolipidic film. Nature is made so that our eye is not acidified by the latter. As a result, wrinkles, fine lines and streaks around the eye quickly set in. Take care to anchor in your routine an optimal hydration of this area, in order to fight against the appearance of dark circles and bags under the eyes. And not just with cucumber slices… But be careful, too much hydration can cause the appearance of bags under the eyes, so it is necessary to use a targeted treatment for the eye contour.

An economical and effective reflex against dark circles and puffiness? The fee . Small spoons or adapted gel bags are suitable for the eyes. Cooling will reactivate microcirculation by vasoconstriction (constriction of vessels) and will reduce redness by calming the expression of small periorbital capillaries. On the other hand, we said fresh, not cold and even less icy.

Because the simplest gestures are also the most effective, remember to massage yourself. Every evening, a few minutes of massage are enough to support the area, to help you fight against puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. With the pads of your fingers, tap quickly from the inside of the nose to the outside of the temples. Do the same on the eyebrows. Then smooth the area by gently stretching the fabric from the inside out. Press lightly on the small hollow of the temples to relax the gaze. It's easy as pie and yet so effective in reducing dark circles and puffiness.

Saeve, the anti-aging eye contour solution

Eye Contour against dark circles under the eyes

We do not go back on the obvious need for make-up removal in order to avoid accentuating dark circles and bags under the eyes. An eye soiled by the overload of make-up textures will have to do a greater job of natural drainage. In addition to a panda halo in the morning, this induces marked and puffy dark circles.

Did we tell you about cold and massages? We have the all-in-one solution: Lifting Eye and Lip Contour from the Lift Pinaster range by Saeve.

Equipped with a Zamak applicator, a metal alloy, it retains the cold. Without even putting it in the fridge, it brings a real decongestant and relaxing Freeze action to reduce dark circles and puffiness. This applicator with round curves also allows you to delicately massage the eye contour in order to activate the drainage of lymph and blood, a targeted action on dark circles and puffiness.

Find our founder Pauline in this video to adopt a perfect gesture.

This innovative treatment is concentrated in fresh organic birch sap and organic Chaga - Immunox® patent - for an antioxidant effect and skin immunity booster. Enriched with tripeptides, it also contributes to the repair of the eye contour.

Of course, we went a step further by adding highly concentrated ingredients to help you eliminate puffiness and dark circles under your eyes. Garden Next Door, we said. We have chosen pine extracts titrated in polyphenols to act on the venous system and on free radicals with antioxidant power.

Broccoli and Ash flavonoid extracts also boost the natural drainage of this area. The skin is plumped and redensified as if restructured from the inside for an illuminated and refreshed look. Dark circles and puffiness fade away.

No more hiding your dark circles and puffiness. Ditch your Baking Powder and photoshopped retouching, your pretty irises will soon be nestled in radiant and luminous cases.

So even if you can only see well with the heart, the essential will also be visible before your eyes.

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