7 tips to keep beautiful skin during confinement

7 tips to keep beautiful skin during confinement

We are currently living a unique experience. The confinement induced by the Coronavirus is an unprecedented situation. Who among you would have thought to experience this one day? It's confusing, destructuring, disconcerting.

Yet at Saeve, we are convinced that there is something positive in every experience. Hasn't your relationship to your body and your health already changed? Nothing is more important than taking care of yourself and others, right?

Confinement is the time to think about your well-being, especially in the field of beauty. Natural and organic products, a return to simplicity, a progressive but sensible review of your lifestyle, and the love you have for yourself.

So, we've put together a post for you with a series of natural and simple tips for keeping beautiful skin and staying fresh, smiling and loving during confinement.

1 – Beauty does not like fear

The coronavirus epidemic and confinement are conducive to fear. Through hormonal messages, the body will release hormones including adrenaline and cortisol. However, confinement has kept us in heightened vigilance for several weeks. And cortisol levels skyrocket with every newscast.

Except that cortisol is not a nice friend at all . It is an inflammatory source. On the skin, it will cause redness, dryness, premature aging and dullness. Everything we don't want.

So in your special beautiful skin routine during confinement, include activities to evacuate as much stress as possible . Why not try guided meditation sessions? Unplug looped news channels? Practice an activity in peace and quiet? If necessary, do not hesitate to consult an online psychologist.

2 – Sugars and skin, the devastating combo

When we are afraid, the body also releases sugar into the blood. The idea is to give him strength to flee, fight or act.

Boredom, frustration and waiting for confinement tend to maintain food cravings. Oh la la, pizzas, carbonaras, butter cookies… We eat to reassure ourselves. All of this leads to insulin excretion. And in excess, the latter is responsible for excessive sebaceous secretions . Clearly, goodbye beautiful skin and hello pimples, blackheads and other oily skin.

It is therefore imperative to limit the sources of slow and fast sugars during confinement. It's hard, but your skin is worth it. Avoid processed foods. Choose good sources of protein, legumes and good fats, vegetables and fruits.


3 – The fresh organic beauty sap

Bottle of organic fresh birch sap

Have you noticed that we often hydrate more at the office than at home? We often have our cool stainless steel water bottles, our cute mugs and infusions within reach of the kettle. At home, we don't really think about it.

And yet, to help your body eliminate, especially on the two points mentioned before, we need water. Stay hydrated , girls. Use cool apps on your smartphone to think about it.

If you want to go further in the process, take a cure with our fresh organic birch sap to drink . Both detox and remineralizing, it's the perfect drink to take care of yourself and keep your skin beautiful during this period of confinement . Exit sugars and bad fats, cortisol! Welcome luminous complexion, light body and transformed mood. Indeed, Birch sap contains many nutrients that will support the proper functioning of your nervous system.

4 – Beauty in the Woods who really sleeps

Stop at Netflix until point of hours in the evening. We tell you straight out. Forcing your gaze on a screen or the blue lights of the tablet opens the door to the puffy effect of the ring . How to look fresh with bluish halos around your big eyes?

Also remember that the body proceeds to its cellular regeneration when the body is at rest and the nervous system in standby. Don't make the mistake of disrupting your internal biological clock , losing your sleep and waking up the insomniac in you. It would be fatal to your beautiful skin.

Even in confinement, maintain reasonable bedtimes . Force yourself to fall asleep early on a regular basis.

5 – Light was and beauty with

Happy woman on a bed

No confinement beauty routine without exposure to daily light. It is imperative that your eye captures light rays to maintain a normal sleep pattern.

In addition, vitamin D is essential for the maintenance of the osteo-articular system and the production of collagen by fixing calcium. In reasonable doses, it acts on the skin as an anti-aging antioxidant.

Light is essential for maintaining a good mood and optimism. Even if you only have windows, open them and expose your face and forearms to the light. Choose suitable times where UV rays are not aggressive. "Beautiful skin" effect guaranteed, even in confinement.

6 – Make-up and confinement do not mix

natural beauty quote

What a joy not to have to make up every day to go to the office. So why impose this social measure during confinement? Even the best make-up will always have a slightly occlusive action, a source of imperfections.

You are naturally beautiful. We tell you that all the time. It's time to rid your skin of all these overloads. It's still not too late to give up foundation and mascara. Discover yourself naturally. The key gift is to find a pink and velvety skin.

All those who regularly do "Make-up Detox" will testify to its beautiful skin result. It becomes luminous again quickly and the small buttons go away.

7 – Minimalism: the confinement beauty routine

Even during confinement, keep these 2 important gestures: cleaning and hydration.

Gently, always cleanse your skin . This gesture allows you to fight against excess sebum and eliminate dead cells. It also allows in these times of seasonal allergies to limit the presence of irritating pollens on your skin. We offer you our Zero Fault Skin Foam with its little scrub effect without doing anything. It will eat all the small dead skin and leave you with soft skin without attacking it.

We are emerging from the winter, from the drought of the heaters, confined to the house. The skin feels tight, it is still frail and fine. Are you lost? Test the lightness of our Hydra Malva soothing thirst-quenching day care. It is the basis of perfect hydration for skin that awakens in spring. And if you have imperfections, try total satisfaction with our Purifying Botanical Fluid with titrated extracts of sebum-regulating Pink Grapefruit.

Let's moisturize when we get out of the shower, after washing our hands and especially after each skin cleansing. It is an essential gesture to keep a beautiful skin.

Adopt the natural union minimum of the Beautysta in confinement.
In joy and good humor, Saeve accompanies you at this time.

Take care of yourself.

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