How to get rid of acne quickly and naturally?

Saeve get rid of acne quickly and naturally And here we go again for a trip to the land of small pimples and other springtime imperfections that ruin our lives. Grrrrrr… We could do without it, we agree.

But for some of you, acne is more than temporary. Blackheads, papules, comedones, microcysts are a difficult daily life to bear. How to live well with your acne in a world of photoshopped complexions with the perfect illusion?

We assure you: this is not inevitable and your skin deserves the best. How to fight against excess sebum and get rid of acne ? Combination to oily skin, Saeve comes to your aid.

1/ Why an excess of sebum?

Sebum is an oily secretion produced by the sebaceous glands to ensure its permeability and suppleness . Thank you skin for this natural protection!

To reach the surface of the skin, the sebum takes the seborrhoeic ducts. And that's where it gets tricky. Either the sebum is too oily or it is produced in too large quantities. This is called hyperseborrhoea . The canals are clogged and patrata…

Sebum can be modified by hormonal influence . This is why we can notice a proliferation of pimples during menstruation, pregnancy, menopause and for certain hormonal dysfunctions.

Nutrition also plays a role in modifying the nature of sebum and the pH of the skin. The consumption of alcohol and drugs also interfere in this process.

Finally, stress and fatigue are extremely favorable to the proliferation of skin imperfections, especially bacterial ones. Sebum and skin are subject to the presence of cortisol and become inflammatory in its presence.

2/ How to limit the causes of excess sebum?

  • avoid the sun

Sun exposure

We must warn you about the sun at this time. Don't run away from the light, get oxygen, but protect your face and upper back from the sun's rays .

Indeed, the skin changes considerably on contact with it. It thickens naturally to protect itself. This compresses the excretion ducts which can cause pimples to appear. Excess sweating can also have an impact.

So put on your diva hats, ladies.

  • Adopt a healthy diet

As we mentioned above, the sebum can become fatter and thicker. All foods that are sources of fats and sugars should be considered: cheeses and dairy products, morning cereals, white and refined flours for pasta and pizzas, processed fats for industrial cakes.

We are rather fans of moderation at Saeve. But if your skin is really bad, eliminating it completely over a period of time can really help you quickly .

So to get rid of acne, favor fruits, vegetables, whole grains and sources of zinc such as oats, seafood, nuts and brewer's yeast.

The ancestral Mediterranean diet is a very good alternative, a source of guaranteed taste pleasures!

  • Consult specialists

Getting rid of acne can be challenging, if the symptoms are persistent, if the pimples are painful, if the skin is extremely red and uncomfortable, we advise you to consult a dermatologist so that they can determine the exact nature of your imbalance to help you get rid of your acne.

It may also be important to use the skills of a gynecologist and a naturopath to help you in your approach. Either way, don't give up. There is always a solution !

3/ Act effectively against excess sebum

  • Be kind to your skin

Please, to get rid of acne, don't strip with ScotchBrite®. Respect your skin, it is not your enemy. It tells you an imbalance.

When you have oily skin, it is indeed shiny. But the more you rub to eradicate the problem, the more your skin will produce sebum to ensure its skin protection. It's a vicious circle. It tires the skin and can create additional lesions by force.

Beautiful skin without acne
  • Provide targeted care

We therefore choose softness and effectiveness for our skin. To avoid overflows, we have created the “Zero Flaw Skin” purifying ritual from the Pur Paradisi range . This ritual includes our botanical nuggets in natural care for combination to oily skin, ideal for getting rid of acne.

Pur Paradisi , it's 3 noble active ingredients present in all the products of the range, contribute to help the skin to get rid of acne. Zinc salt for its recognized sebum-regulating, anti-inflammatory and reconstitutive powers for the skin. From the titrated extract concentrated in Antioxidant pink Grapefruit and purifying the epidermis. Fresh organic Birch sap to soothe skin overheated by inflammation and hydrate it.

“Zero Defect Skin” purifying ritual from the Pur Paradisi range

  • Thoroughly clean

The Purifying Micellar Water from the same range is an additional force to perfect the cleansing of your skin. Let's remove makeup residue and pollution that contribute to clogging pores, to help the skin get rid of acne.

Know that we have also developed a Purifying Cleansing Gel . It is a mild seboregulator. It contains burnet extract with astringent properties. It leaves the skin soft, fresh and rid of the little nonsense that bothers us.

Pur Paradisi cleansers to get rid of acne
  • Treat in depth

Being regular in your routine is the key to your success in getting rid of acne. The purifying ritual includes two additional treatments, oil-free and non-comedogenic.

Here our Patent IMMUNOX® composed of fresh Organic Birch Sap and Organic Chaga makes its entry. If you've had too heavy a hand on abrasive treatments, our beloved complex will restore your skin and act on scars. It will give you the extra strength to fight against external aggressions and stress.

We offer you the perfect combo to treat in depth, cleanse and tighten pores, mattify the complexion and retexturize the skin texture. Our Anti-Blemish Purifying Botanical Serum and our Purifying Botanical Fluid act in symbiosis to restore your smile and your self-confidence.

  • Neutralize the little ones

And for small stubborn pimples that are a bit conspicuous, pull out your new secret weapon: the Intensive Anti-Blemish Corrector . With a sure hand, be sure to neutralize them in less than a minute to breathe and get rid of acne. For the final word, know that we are with you. Also know that it is not pimples and acne that characterize you. You are much more than that.

Intensive Anti-Blemish Acne Corrector

You are much more than a skin, you are magnificent.

The T[æ]m

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