How to gain self-confidence with S[æ]ve?

How to gain self-confidence with S[æ]ve?

" Superficial ". This is sometimes the word we can hear when someone talks about us. “Because she puts on creams, because she wears makeup, because she spends a lot of time taking care of her body. »

Do you know the expression “Mens sana in Corpore sana”?

a healthy mind in a healthy body

Well, we, at S[æ]ve, adhere 1000% to this adage: a healthy mind in a healthy body . It's not for nothing that we talk to you about physical exercises, outdoor light, magical foods in addition to our (super)natural products. We start from the principle that the body is a precious vessel, which allows us to enjoy Life.

Thanks to him, we can watch, eat, sleep, feel and all this in order to learn, understand, grow, love and enjoy life. Taking care of your skin, your look, your muscles, your diet, your sleep are all factors of well-being.

One will never go without the other. The spirit cannot flourish in an unloved or abandoned body. And the reverse is also true.


So ladies, don't blame yourself. You have every right to take care of your body. You have the right to pamper yourself. It is even a duty, if we want to live longer and in good conditions . Who wants to go far spares his mount, right?

And then, we see today that many people feel bad about themselves. Imagine that 67% of French people don't like their bodies. We find that so sad.

One of the first effective remedies against self-loathing is touch . Touching his body by massaging it, providing him with care can bring back affection. Applying a cream then becomes more than a superficial gesture. It is a beautiful confession of love to oneself.

Pauline Bony, founder of Saeve

With S[æ]ve, we even offer to restore what may have been damaged. All gently, all in delicate smell, all in light texture, a new look on oneself and its authenticity.

And the niche of Pauline, our Founder, is to help you take care of yourself , without it doing you any harm. By choosing products of natural origin , it has decided to promote the protection and immune defenses of the skin , while developing products with high potential thanks to exceptional concentrations.

So be superficial. If it's the small price to pay to feel good in your body and in your sneakers.

Pauline Bony, founder of Saeve


S[æ]ve your Skin, S[æ]ve your Mind!

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