Saeve's Immunox® patent, magic from the cold...

Patent Immunox ® Saeve, magic from the Cold…

Tadaaaa!!! At Saeve, we are magicians. We are at the origin of a surprising and innovative complex: the Immunox® patent.

Made from organic Birch sap and organic Chaga, it is part of the composition of all our botanical facial treatments, a plant synergy for preserved and radiant skin.

It's in the middle of January that we write you these pretty lines. Like us, you may be starting to miss the summer heat. It's freezing and it's not getting better for the next few weeks.

That said, do you know what's going on right now? During the extreme cold of winter and the blizzard? The very essence of our cosmetic treatments is being produced naturally in the heart of the cold lands of Auvergne.

The fresh sap of Organic Birch, Saeve

Fresh organic birch sap

Under the blankets of snow, the roots of the Birches of central France are working on their own regeneration. Fresh Birch sap is already being created. There, in the womb of our Mother Earth, the decaying leaves and moistening lichens benefit our cherished trees.

The volcanic lands of the Massif Central are full of silica, iron, phosphorus, magnesium and other types of organic minerals. All these small vegetable and mineral forces contribute to the quiet production of the sap.

For hundreds of years, Birch sap has been a natural gift offering anyone who wants to consume it its noble medicinal virtues. Remineralizing, anti-oxidant, detoxifying, toning, so many incredible properties so simply available for our well-being. Find our tips for consuming it by reading this article . Birch is often characterized as a " tree of light " , its bark is white thanks to the magic of its antioxidant sap . It even makes him a pioneer tree.


The organic chaga, Saeve

Organic Chaga

Organic Chaga or "Nature's gift", as it may be called by herbalists, is the benevolent host of Birch. While the wood is abused and dehydrated, the Chaga is a fungal benefactor, which will come to cover the wounds of the tree like a bandage. It grows naturally and exclusively on the bark of Birches and feeds on the sap of Birches to grow and allow it to repair itself. Like all mushrooms, it is full of active ingredients and in particular antioxidants, beta-glucans and phenolic compounds, capable of fighting against the aging of the tree. It is also nicknamed “mushroom of immortality”.

It is the very image of the beneficent roommate of friends for life. An American story where trust reigns and support is permanent. Admit that Nature is still well done!

The organic chaga, Saeve


The Immunox patent, Saeve


Our patent Immunox® Saeve

It is thanks to the ingenuity of a biologist that we created this flagship botanical complex. Finally, we had the clever idea of ​​preserving what Nature spontaneously offers us: the union of organic Birch sap and organic Chaga . This beautiful natural alliance is just as incredible as it is effective.

Remember the properties mentioned above and imagine that they are combined in this unique Immunox® patent for the greater well-being of your skin. First of all, our patent offers ultra-efficient antioxidant protection by fighting against 90% of free radicals * , repairs more than 48% of mitoc h ondrial DNA and stimulates the skin's immune defences.

Yes, there, like that, available for you. And from there we put...

… magic in all our Saeve cosmetic treatments

On the strength of this innovation and above all certain of its effectiveness thanks to multiple scientific tests, we have chosen to include the Immunox® patent in all our facial treatments. From the cleansing gel to our eye contour, Saeve's Immunox® patent is everywhere.

However, the highest concentrations will be found in our small botanical, organic, magical, natural potions: our serums. Organic sap and organic Chaga combined with other active ingredients, each of our serums has a specific beneficial impact to complement the benefits of our patent .


Soothing 24h Hydrating Botanical Serum

The Soothing 24h Hydrating Botanical Serum

With titrated Mallow extracts, the Soothing 24-Hour Hydrating Botanical Serum is the all-round champion for bringing thirsty, dehydrated skin back to life. Immediate relief and rosy cheeks guaranteed.

Anti-Blemish Purifying Botanical Serum

Anti-Blemish Purifying Botanical Serum

Immunox® patent and titrated extracts of Pink Grapefruit? This gives the Botanical Purifying Anti-Blemish Serum . In view of its small name, we quickly understand what its field of action is. The skin is healthier, the pores tightened and the imperfections have disappeared .

Anti-Blemish Purifying Botanical Serum

Botanical Detox Shield Serum Anti-Oxidant Officinale Detox

The Anti-Oxidant Detox Shield Botanical Serum

With Dandelion Joli, our Patent Immunox® becomes the Anti-Oxidant Detox Shield Botanical Serum . And bam, exit the gray complexion, the fine lines and all the external aggressions that saturate our mine! And to you the revitalized skin!

Perfect Pisum Botanical Serums

Brightening and Anti-Dark Spot Botanical Serums

Attention Combo Action! When Pea extracts meet our botanical synergy, it generates two cosmetic wonders. The Botanical Serum Booster Radiance Anti-Dark Spots day to work gently on the pigmentary irregularities of the complexion. And Botanical Night Serum Micro Peel Peau Neuve to quietly regenerate skin texture and bring it back to life overnight. The secret of Sleeping Beauty, we prefer to tell you.

Perfect Pisum Botanical Serums

Pinaster Lift Firming Anti-Aging Botanical Serum

Botanical Anti-Aging Firming Serum

With pine extract, the skin is helped to preserve its youthfulness with the Botanical Anti-Aging Firming Serum . It redensifies, tones and plumps your skin for a proven tightening effect. The complexion is brighter and the depth of wrinkles is reduced, they seem to be filled. No need to drink water from the Fountain anymore...


So finally, well done be the cold winter. Well seen is the drop in brightness. Very happy we are to enjoy the benefits of this so [extra]ordinary Nature.

All this to the delight of Pauline, the founder of Saeve, who passes on to us in her magic botanical potions a little Earth from her childhood as a gift.


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