5 tips for enjoying the benefits of the sun and light

5 tips for enjoying the benefits of sun and light Saeve

Swimsuits and sarongs friends! Today, we are talking to you about heat, beaches, idleness, beautiful days. You probably know that the characteristic of light and the sun is to bring us an essential vitamin D.

The latter is involved in the maintenance of good bone capital, prevents the risk of fractures and osteoporosis, boosts immunity to fight against infections of all kinds, participates in the regulation of mood and depression. As far as the skin is concerned, the sun improves psoriasis , eczema and vitiligo .

However, prolonged exposure to the sun can have the opposite effect. Apart from speckled lizard skin, the main harms are sunstroke, sunburn, uveitis and especially skin cancer.

So, we thought that a little glossary of good practice would be a good omen.

Saeve Exposing yourself with moderation

1 – Expose yourself with moderation

Yolo, it's tanning time! Yes, but before 10 a.m. and after 4 p.m. If you're fair-skinned or stuck in the office all year, take it step by step. And above all, we take care to protect the fragile parts , such as the head or the neck with clothes and a hat.

Saeve Water to drink

2 – Drink enough water

Stop taking yourself for a camel. It is imperative to drink more than usual to avoid dehydration or even discomfort. Increase your consumption up to 2 liters and do not wait to feel thirsty.

water to drink

Fruits and Vegetables

3 – Fill your plate with antioxidants

In the sun, we oxidize. So red, green, orange, bet on natural antioxidants . Go heavy-handed on colorful vegetables and fruits like apricots, peppers, melons, blueberries. Raw or cooked, put the package .

Quality sun protection Detox Saeve range

4 – Use quality sun protection

Coat yourself generously with sunscreens of good composition . For your eyes, sunglasses make you look chic, but not permanently at the risk of throwing off your biological clock. Use them only when the light reverberates.

Saeve quality sun protection

Our Saeve Relax Rheum body products

5 – Hydrate your skin promptly

Vegetable butter, Olive oil and vitamin PP… Just that! Our nourishing creams are designed to deeply soothe and nourish the upper layers of the skin. Also remember to moisturize your hands. These gestures will allow you to sport a modern-day Vahine tan all summer long.

Sea, S[æ]ve and Sun

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