Intense Anti-Imperfection Corrector - 15ml


SOS anti-imperfection care

Eliminates imperfections – Purifies – Restores

[Action] There is nothing worse than having no defense against the appearance of a spot. The non-greasy and non-sticky Intense Anti-Imperfection Corrector targets localized imperfections to help make them reduce in size and disappear. It is so effective the skin surface becomes clear, smooth and even, as if nothing had happened.

[Tips] Apply to a spot as often as necessary until it disappears (one of the few times when being obsessiviely persistent is a good thing). Avoid the eye contour and lips. Dermatologically tested.

[Fragrance] 1,2,3… Dive into the freshness of its sparkling fragrance. A heart of fresh Grapefruit and Petitgrain distilled essences are softened by a touch of Lavender and White Musk, a great way to energize the skin and put you in a good mood.


[Secrete formula  FS.CI19]

85% ingredients of natural origin
Organic Fresh Birch Sap, Pink grapefruit, Pimprenelle officinale, Pindulella, Mandarin ...

0% Silicones, Parabens, PEG, Gluten, Mineral oil, Sodium laureth sulfate, Ingredients of animal origin, Phenoxyethanol, Colorants. 

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