S[æ]ve and Naturopathy

S[æ]ve and Naturopathy

You may know that S[æ]ve is a fan of “alternative” medicine and approaches where Man is considered in all his uniqueness.

Certainly, we offer cosmetics, but our wish was stronger than to offer a brand of additional products. We wanted much more for you, and all in fantasy, humor and optimism .

Among traditional medicines, we are very close to Naturopathy . But do you know what it is? This unconventional medicine talks about prevention and support. It aims to give the keys to a better lifestyle allowing to age in the best conditions, while enjoying life.

You will also notice that we have put a lot of our efforts into researching phytotherapeutic active ingredients. The detoxifying and revitalizing Organic Fresh Birch Sap is one of the naturopath's tools. Organic Chaga is an integral part of the techniques used by practitioners through Mycotherapy, a gold mine of benefits for immunity.

Our botanical treatments

In each of our products, we use plants in titrated extract. We are looking for the absolute efficiency of plants thanks to an extraction allowing an optimal concentration of active ingredients. Mallow, Maritime Pine, Peas, Grapefruit , all our products incorporate the richness of Nature. No wonder that in contact with S[æ]ve, you feel magnified like pretty little Fairies.

Among the advice we give you here, you will notice that we offer dietary, relaxing and revitalizing tips. We talk to you about hydration, rest, calm. In Naturopathy, we consider the skin as a diary of information. If the latter is weakened, it informs you that you must take care of yourself.

After each contact, the Naturopath will propose an action plan based on a nutritional revitalization phase or an eliminatory detoxification phase . 

Relax Rheum, Saeve range

Detox range

The Detox range at Saeve

It is in this approach that we designed our Detox range . With extract titrated in Dandelion , this antioxidant range helps your body eliminate and fight free radicals, responsible for skin aging and altered complexion.

In this range, we have added Apple Phloretin , strongly anti-aging and a protein extract of plant origin to stimulate collagen production and repair.

What could be more Naturo, what could be more Natural…

The T[æ]m

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