The really effective tips to prolong your summer tan

keep your tan

At the end of summer, we hope you are in a good mood, happy to find your favorite routines and above all tanned like pretty gingerbread.
Tanning is a beautiful symbol of returning from vacation. It allows us to stay in our "mood" for several weeks after returning to work. It brings back fond memories of bike rides or frenetic afternoons on the beach with family or friends. We often feel prettier and sometimes sexier when we put on a nice tan.
The objective of the new school year is therefore to keep your tan as long as possible. But how to do it naturally without having to pass under the neon lights of the devastating UV cabins?
Tanning level, there are 2 scenarios. If you have prepared your skin and followed our recommendations listed in our post " How to enjoy the sun without getting burned?" » , your tan must have a nice soft and harmonious color. If you went a little more "freestyle" and you got sunburned, your skin may be duller.
In any case, we offer you exactly the same solutions to keep your tan, but with greater attendance for the adventurous who have not protected themselves.
Follow the guide to stay beautiful all the beginning of autumn with your star tan!

Step 1 – Exfoliation of tanned skin

keep your tan

Before even entering step 2 of hydration, which will be the most important, it is imperative to get a new skin to keep your tan. During the tanning phases, the epidermis thickens to protect itself. We remind you that tanning is a protective reaction of the skin to preserve its cellular DNA and limit oxidation.

Thus, we strongly invite you to set up a simple and effective method: dry brushing . This method consists of massaging the body using a brush with slightly stiff bristles, going up from the feet to the shoulders. Brushing should be done before showering to rid the stratum corneum of all dead cells.

Not only does it help to make the tan more intense, but it also activates cell regeneration and venous and lymphatic return with a real effect on cellulite.

We advise you to practice very gentle circular movements so as not to create trauma on the skin. Its duration can vary from 5 to 10 minutes depending on the time you have. Of course, this practice can be done all year round and not just when you return from vacation to keep your tan.

In our precise framework of tan sublimation, it will prepare the skin to receive proper hydration to better keep its tan. Because applying to moisturize your skin on dead cells is not the most effective thing. It can even cause small pimples due to clogged pores.

To keep your tan on the skin of your face , consider using our Instant Radiance Peeling Mask from the Perfect Pisum range . Enriched with fruit acid, this mask gently exfoliates the skin thanks to a gentle peeling, smoothing it and refining its texture in just 10 minutes. The complexion is awakened and rid of dead skin to reveal the beautiful apricot color of the summer tan.

Step 2 – Hydration of tanned skin 

As mentioned above, it's THE ultimate SECRET to keep your tan for several weeks. Hydration is the keystone of this whole preservation process.

In general, tanning causes a considerable loss of water for the skin. It is also noted that it is generally drier after exposure. If exfoliation helps to rid the skin of dehydrated cells, it is obvious that dryness should not be allowed to set in. Otherwise, the skin will continue to peel and your tan with it.

For those who have braved UV rays without protection, this is all the more true. You will fade as quickly as you tan. Hydration will benefit the tan by preserving the outer layer of the epidermis.

So it's time to integrate more creaming into your routine, even a good reason to start implementing this reflex in your life! To keep your tan close to the holidays, we advise you to go generously twice a day .

We suggest you start with rich ointments such as our nourishing creams with an intense lipid-replenishing effect. The Energizing Nourishing Cream Tonus Citrus brings joy in the morning with its invigorating citrus notes. The Nourishing Relaxing Cream Relax Rheum will wrap you in softness during the first evenings of returning to work with its reassuring scents of Rhubarb . Both contain vegetable butter that is super comforting for the skin.

If you prefer forms that are lighter in texture, trust our 24h Moisturizing Milks , available in the two ranges rich in soothing Olive Oil .

Saeve body care to keep your tan

To maintain your tan on the face , it will be the same. Do not hesitate to make a good cure of our Botanical Hydrating Serum 24h Soothing Hydra Malva to stop the vicious circle of dehydration. It contains pure hyaluronic acid of vegetable origin. In addition to its water sensor effect, your features will be immediately smoothed and refreshed. Between tanning and smoothing, the beautiful skin action will be guaranteed. In the evening, soothe with our enveloping Hydra Malva Soothing Quenching Cream .

Moisturizing serum to keep your tan

3 – The pigmentation of tanned skin

This advice should be applied all year long as it allows you to keep a healthy glow continuously. But it is even more true when leaving the summer to keep your tan.

Beta-Carotene and all the natural pigments known as carotenoids participate in the synthesis of melanin. It is the latter, which intervenes in the coloring of the skin. Obviously, for this to be effective, you have to eat enough of it to help keep your tan.

It is the carotenoids that give the colors from yellow to orange in vegetables, fruits and certain flowers too. It contains for example in the Dandelion . And as nature is extremely well done, she still gratifies us with plants rich in these wonderful pigments at the start of the school year. The tomato season is still at its peak. Late season varieties are often the best. There are still melons, nectarines and peppers . We see the first pumpkins arriving and we also find carrots and sweet potatoes in this season.

You can of course decide to supplement your beta-carotene with food supplements. However, it is strongly not recommended for smokers. If you really want to supplement, go for Lutein or Lycopene instead.

We hope that all these simple tips will benefit your good mood for the start of the school year. Brush, moisturize, pigment and...

Snow White will only have to iron.

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