Hyperpigmentation, brown spots, how to make them disappear?

Make dark spots disappear?

At this moment, Angel and Demon are sitting on your shoulders and are fighting a merciless battle. Demon encourages you to go out in the sun so you don't look like a ghost in September at the office. Ange saves you, because he doesn't want you to get sunburned and get sunstroke.

And Angel is right. Certainly, the sun is beneficial to us, allowing the synthesis of the precious vitamin D and boosting our morale, but be careful not to abuse it! 100th degree burns are NO WAY…

If solar erythema and eyeglass marks threaten you, it is especially brown spots and other melasma that are likely to show up and damage your pretty skin.

If so, stay calm. Everything will be reversible with regularity in your daily cosmetic care and especially with Saeve. Here are our tips for removing and protecting your skin from dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

1 – What is hyperpigmentation?

To put it simply, Ange wants to protect you from an overproduction of melanin, the pigment that gives color to your skin, your hair and your eyes.

Melanin is a hormone produced by melanocytes. It is the result of an association of amino acids, in particular tyrosine. There is also a strong photosensitivity in people taking tyrosine-based thyroid treatments. When it is produced normally by the body, it protects our cellular DNA by participating in the protection against free radicals.

But then why do we start producing melanin in excess?

  • Sun and age : Solar and senile lentigines are manifested by a proliferation of small brown spots on the parts most exposed to oxidation from the air and the sun. This is particularly the case of the face, décolleté and neck, which are almost constantly exposed!
Avoid brown spots on vacation in the sun
  • Hormonal variations : Taking oral contraceptives or pregnancy promotes the appearance of Melasma , also called Chloasma or pregnancy mask . It will tend to settle around the eyes, the glabella, and the lips and especially to increase with sun exposure.

  • Post-inflammatory reactions : People prone to acne often experience this problem. Following the healing of pimples or post-acne lesions, red marks may tend to turn brown after sun exposure or too intense dermabrasion due to dermatological care. The temples and cheeks are often the most affected areas.

  • Phototoxicity : We mentioned it above with the treatments accompanying thyroid disorders, drugs can modify the functioning of melanocytes. Obviously, to add to the picture, hyperpigmentation is localized in a shaggy way on the skin to give a disharmonious complexion and sometimes very badly lived for many of us. Keep in mind that we all face this type of problem at some point.
Get rid of those complexes that are ruining your life.

2 – How to prevent and remove brown spots on the face and skin?

  • Sun exposure: Listen to your guardian angel, take advantage of the sun in moderation so as not to cause the appearance of brown spots. To start, equip yourself with good sunglasses : UV rays also attack the retina. Buy a nice hat that covers your forehead and protect your skin with products that have an SPF of 50 . Do not expose yourself between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. And if you take part in outdoor activities, reapply your sunscreen regularly (every 2 hours) to enjoy the sun without burning yourself and avoiding brown spots. It is better to have a fresh and luminous complexion at the start of the school year than a gray and burnt complexion.
  • Problem skin: On our Saeve.com site, you will find a number of essential tips for dealing with your skin problems with kindness: no untimely brushing, no piercing fingers, no attacks ... Don't be demonic with your imperfections, or they may return it to you in the form of brown spots. As you will have understood, gentleness and an intelligent cosmetic program are more effective than relentlessness.
  • Stop burns: We avoid wearing perfume and putting alcohol- based tonics on the face that could cause brown spots. Same for essential oils. Guaranteed micro-burns and overproduction of reactive melanin in sight.
  • Food: It seems that people deficient in vitamin B12 are more prone to hyperpigmentation. Vitamin B12 is mainly found in meat. However, we are more and more flexitarians, even vegetarians to vegans. If this is your case, be sure to supplement with methycobalamin, the active vitamin B12. We also stock up on antioxidant vitamins C and E. The first is found in fresh fruits and vegetables and the second in good vegetable oils and fresh RAW butter .


3 – Perfect Pisum, the nightmare of dark spots

Let us introduce you to our wonderful Radiance Anti-Spot Perfect Pisum range .

The latter obviously contains our Immunox® patent , a proud detoxifying, anti-radical and anti-aging shield composed of fresh organic Birch Sap and Organic Chaga, whose incredible powers you know well .

But this collection is full of other high-performance active ingredients that work together to correct dark spots and restore your face's radiance and uniformity.
The small prodigy of the range is the pea extract titrated in monosaccharides. It has the ability to lighten the complexion and correct dark spots. It prevents their appearance, but also promotes the disappearance of brown spots after 14 days.

And that's not all: each product also has its little secrets for boosted efficiency.

The Booster Botanical Anti-Dark Spots Booster Serum contains the previously mentioned Vitamin C and Oxyresveratrol , a pro-dark spot enzyme inhibitor. It participates in the correction of hyperpigmentation day after day to quickly display a luminous and uniform complexion free from brown spots.

Its nighttime alter ego, the New Skin Micro-Peel Botanical Serum plays with brown spots thanks to AHAs of orange, lemon and pomegranate seeds mixed with encapsulated yeast extracts , which will support the reactions specific to tissue renewal. Clearly, to correct brown spots, dead cells and those producing too much melanin are removed and replaced with new cells that function properly.

Perfect pisum serums against dark spots

To perfect this divine mechanism, the Zero Defect Skin Foam deeply cleanses by gently eliminating dead cells every day for a refined skin texture.

Zero Fault Skin Mousse against dark spots

Our range also includes a perfecting essence , a day cream , a night cream and a mask that we invite you to discover in economical and complete rituals . The resurrection of your skin is on its way. To hell with brown spots, make way for an innocent, fresh and harmoniously radiant complexion.

Perfect pisum range, against brown spots

The hell of brown spots on this Earth is Saeve!

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