Acne, dryness and skin problems related to wearing a mask, how to do it?

Acne from wearing a mask

Back to school is here: joy to find our friends, our co-workers and our favorite habits. Autumn is a wonderful season.

However, this return to school is tinged with a reality that we would have liked to see stop during the summer of 2020: the wearing of a mask against COVID-19.

Far be it from us to dwell on the real opportunity of wearing a mask, because that is not our job. On the other hand, we are seeing an upsurge in testimonials about skin impacts on your skin. You are desperate to see the fire on your face and you contact us very distraught by the situation.

Acne and rosacea, dryness and irritative dermatitis cause you a lot of worries. For several professions or according to your daily habits, you cannot help but wear a mask. But every day your skin suffers. It has even become painful for some.

At Saeve, we practice optimism. Our wish today is to give you advice on how to ward off these new problems that are ruining your life. That's our job.

We have therefore developed an article dedicated to this situation. Explanations, nutritional advice and skin care are gathered here to appease reactions.

Wearing a mask, why does my skin react?

Normally, when the skin is not obstructed by any material, it perspires. The skin also eliminates water vapor in minute amounts. When the body's temperature rises, we sweat and microdroplets come to the surface of the skin and form sweat.

In previous articles, we have explained the importance of sebum and its protective role on the skin. You should know that sebum and sweat separately have the property of maintaining the optimal skin pH, by the molecules they contain (fatty acids in sebum, lactic acid, undecylenic acid and urocanic acid for sweat) in order to keep bacteria away.

But when you wear a mask, what happens? Oxygen is trapped on the surface of the skin and modifies its pH. The humidity present under the mask, due to breathing, sends a bad signal to the skin, which reduces the evacuation of sebum and sweat on the skin. This has the consequence of clogging the pores, thus creating a climate conducive to bacterial proliferation and acne pimples are likely to arise.

Especially since disposable or fabric masks have become the skin's worst enemies. Their friction attacks the skin and damages the natural skin barrier, which leads to skin problems. No matter how much we hate it, the mask protects us as well as possible from the virus that is currently raging around the world.

The skin then finds itself trapped in a hot, humid and toxic environment, conducive to acne. If you are initially prone to blemishes and small acne pimples, wearing a mask can greatly exacerbate the acne phenomenon. The heat under the mask acts on redness and rosacea takes on vigor at your expense.

Wearing a mask can also accentuate other dermatological disorders. The other scenario concerns people for whom the skin is rather dry. Wearing a mask does not necessarily cause acne, but rather irritated red patches that can lead to dermatitis. On the face, there are localized redness on the edges of the mask and on the attachment points of the elastics, themselves responsible for irritative heating.

Wearing a mask and acne

What basic advice for my skin attacked by the mask?

We strongly advise you to turn to the professional manufacture of masks in organic cotton fabric . You will take care to wash your masks regularly . If you have to wear a mask all day, do not hesitate to change it once a day to avoid the development of acne on the face. Choose neutral-colored, non-colored masks.

In general, remember to hydrate yourself in order to compensate for the loss of water and the probable dehydration of the skin due to wearing the mask.
If you have dry skin , take intense Omega 7 cures, the virtues of which are recognized for moisturizing the skin and mucous membranes suffering from dryness. Do not hesitate to supplement by taking Omega 3 by adding a tablespoon of hemp oil to your diet each day. Eat walnuts and chia seeds . Invite salmon and oily fish to your plate.
If you have oily skin , be sure to limit dairy products. This includes butter and cream in addition to cheese and milk. Also watch your consumption of industrialized sugary foods and starches, in order to avoid the occurrence of acne. Omega 3s are also very interesting for burning skin, since they are known to have anti-inflammatory properties.
In any case, go for sources of zinc . It is found in wheat germ or brewer's yeast, autumn squash and mushrooms and for omnivores in offal and red meat. You can also choose to supplement yourself.

I preserve my skin balance

Whether you suffer from acne or irritative dermatitis, maintaining the basal integrity of the skin is imperative. To do so, we remind you of the magic of the F90 Radiance Activating Essence .

Radiance Activating Essence

We could even have called it "SOS hidden skin" as its action suits the situation. It is imperative to maintain or regain a pH with perfect acidity and a stable skin microbiota. Filled with 90% probiotics, Essence F90 is perfect for soothing weakened, irritated and heated skin caused by wearing a mask. Our essence will help fight bacteria and lower the expression of acne.

This Essence is also enriched with active ingredients from our Immunox ® patent . Fresh organic Birch Sap is a natural, lively manna of magnesium chloride, which acts on its inflammatory state. The redness calms down immediately.

Our immortal organic Chaga mushroom boosts your immune defenses to limit microbial proliferation. In any case, Essence F90 is the basic gesture to take morning and evening to protect your skin from the effects of wearing a mask.

Acne pimples and wearing a mask, what do I do?

If you have acne, it's time to grab our favorite range for acne-prone skin. We named PUR PARADISI with concentrated extracts of pink grapefruit.

This range has been designed to respond to all acne-related imbalances.

In our specific case, for acne-prone skin, proceed morning and evening with a deep cleansing of the skin with the Purifying Cleansing Gel , whose job is to unclog clogged pores to free your skin from acne. Complete this cleansing with a splash of Perfecting Lotion-Care , rich in repairing and purifying zinc.

Pure Paradisi Acne Cleanser

The Anti-Blemish Purifying Botanical Serum regulates excessive sebum secretions and tightens pores. It also contains micro-organisms acting on the traces left by acne pimples. Find this must-have in our Zero Fault Skin Ritual box to help you fight against acne.

Anti-Blemish Acne Serum

The Purifying Botanical Fluid has a texture as light as a feather. This non-greasy, non-comedogenic fluid barely feels on the skin. However, he will know how to screen your mask. Sebum-regulating, it will prevent your skin's untimely defense responses, so as not to promote the aggravation of acne.

Purifying Botanical Fluid against acne

Wearing a mask and skin dryness, how do I do it?

On the other hand, if wearing the mask causes discomfort and tightness, make way for a deep hydration treatment.

The overpowered combo? Super hydrating serum and mask.

Our Soothing Hydrating Botanical Serum is perfect for replenishing parched skin. Our Hydra Malva range contains Mallow extracts titrated in mucilage. This active ingredient is super emollient and therefore softens the sensations of rough and dry skin. Our serum also contains hyaluronic acid , the ultimate water binder.

Soothing Hydrating Botanical Serum

Abuse our Soothing Re-Hydrating Infusion Mask . Every 3 days, give your skin a drink by applying this mask in a generous layer. It contains extracts of White Willow , whose salicylate derivatives soothe inflammation and the tightness pain associated with it. In the event of an extreme emergency, sleep with our mask to wake up refreshed and plumped up.

Re-hydrating Soothing Mask


Faced with the ambient anxiety that the situation generates, choose to take things on the bright side. Pampering yourself and taking care of your skin are all reassuring gestures. Good smells, beautiful textures, natural active ingredients that respect your skin and a nice dose of love. This is how we decided to support you in your safety.

Be Safe, Be Safe...

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