4 actions to fight against brown spots

“Mamaaaan, what's on your forehead? »

Oops… As you come back from your Sunday stroll, the mirror reveals like a bronze flower between your two wide-eyed eyes. Monday, your office colleague is intractable. It's melasma. “Gone is your youthful skin! she tells you.

4 actions to fight against brown spots

What she doesn't know is that S[æ]ve is there.

Lentigos, dermatitis, chloasma, hypermelanosis…. So many technical words to more commonly designate the brown spots and pigmentary disorders most often visible on your face, your neckline, the upper back, the hands, and sometimes the calves.

This phenomenon concerns a denaturation of skin cells, called melanocytes. Melanin, the coloring pigment , remains trapped in the cell and causes intense staining. It is the latter that you see far too much with the naked eye.

The factors are multiple: the sun for almost 70% of cases, taking hormones, pregnancy, acne, cosmetics containing alcohol and sacrosanct skin aging.

Do you want to keep a velvety complexion? So be aware of the steps to take:


1 – The sun is our friend, but...

During the hottest hours of the summer, UV radiation, providers of murderous free radicals, torments us. If you can't stay in the shade, protect your skin with sunscreen, wear sunglasses and shade your face with a hat. Remember to also cream your hands. Expose yourself before 10 a.m. and after 5 p.m.

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2 – Cool with your imperfections…

When you have blemishes, be kind enough not to bruise your skin by constantly touching or piercing them. That's enough ! This causes skin lesions, which turn into spots if exposed.

And to make a pimple disappear apply our incredible Intensive Anti-Blemish Corrector ! 

Cool with your imperfections…

Glass of water

3 – Water, water, water...

Let's not forget that water hydrates the tissues and prevents skin dryness, which accelerates aging. Water is a provider of nutrients and oxygen in our body, which allows drainage and cell renewal.

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4 – Vitamin C, your ally

This vitamin is essential for tissue regeneration. That said, not all forms of vitamin C are supported by the skin. In our Perfect Pisum range , we use stabilized vitamin C combined with pea, an infallible duo against dark spots. Combined with chaga, guaranteed unifying effect.


Don't know where to start? Work with our Anti-Spot Radiance line , concentrated radiance and joviality.

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