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Naturally reverse the effects of time!

Great scientific innovation from Saeve Laboratories: the Global Immortalis Chaga Anti-aging Serum.

At the heart of its 100% active botanical formula, without water, a very high concentration of active ingredients associated with the brand's 2 star patents: Immunox ® : anti-oxidant and booster of immune defenses and B-Glyverse ® : prevention and correction of glycation (binding of sugars to collagen) - act to effectively reduce the 6 markers of skin aging : loss of firmness, wrinkles, fine lines, spots, dryness, loss of radiance.

Exceptional results: 6 years younger in 56 days. (clinical study, physiological age)

Do you know the 4 causes of skin aging?

Oxidative stress

At the origin of premature aging and 4 out of 5 wrinkles.


Responsible for wrinkles & sagging skin.


Degradation of hyaluronic acid causing dry skin.

Degradation of cellular DNA

Promotes the appearance of pigmentary disorders.

Global Anti-Aging Serum

Naturally reverse the effects of time!

Our answer !

Oxidative stress

Thanks to the Immunox® Patent (Organic Birch Sap + Organic Chaga) it stops 100% of free radicals , stimulates the skin's immune defenses & repairs cellular DNA .


Glycation is a phenomenon that is too often overlooked, however it remains one of the major causes of skin aging. The fixation of sugar on youth proteins (elastins & collagen) stiffens the proteins, which leads to a loss of firmness and the creation of fine lines and wrinkles.

The B-Glyverse® patent will act doubly on glycation, thanks to its anti-glycation action (prevention): - 52% glycation!

This inhibits the glycation of collagen and elastin.

But that's not all ! The B-Glyverse® patent will also have a corrective action, by deglycating proteins already affected: -26% deglycation.


Polyglutamic Acid

Blocks the breakdown of hyaluronic acid naturally present in the skin.

Acetylated Hyaluronic Acid

Intensely hydrates, plumps & improves bounce.

Degradation of cellular DNA

Pea extract titrated in Dextrin

Reduces spots & evens out skin tone


Stimulate collagen production to reduce all types of wrinkles.


Protection of the skin microbiome.

Exceptional results

▪ - 6 years in 8 weeks¹

91% notice smoother skin²

82% notice plumper and plumper skin²

+21.5% hydration after 8 hours (and 11.8% after 11 hours)⁴

¹ Instrumental clinical test, after 56 days, 16 women.

²% satisfaction after 56 days, 22 women.

⁴ Instrumental test by corneometry, 10 women.