Dull complexion: how to boost its radiance Inside and Out?

Dull complexion

Today, we are going to talk about sobering up. So no, not sobering up due to an excess of mojitos…. Although…. 😉
No, we are tackling a subject that annoys: the dull complexion.
Can we really do anything with our "grey" complexion like the rain?
Your complexion can obviously have a glow even in winter. Of course you can look super fresh even without the sun. For sure, you don't have to look tired during the cold season. Everything is possible with the establishment of a simple routine.
Ladies, it's time to take action against winter gloom so that it no longer shows on your face. And to do so, we really have EVERYTHING you need here at Saeve.
Here is a complete article about dull complexion so that it is definitely not one anymore.

But what is dull complexion?

The dull complexion is that famous morning when you get up feeling like you haven't slept for 3 weeks. The skin is gray and transparent . Your dark circles stand out strongly. Redness and pigment spots stand out much more.

In short, you have the feeling that your complexion lacks harmony and seems pale and lackluster.

Several factors can dull the radiance of your complexion. Currently, we cannot incriminate the sun. But know that it can also give you a dull complexion.

In winter, we are faced with 3 major problems:

  • Lack of oxygenation and pollution : The skin of the face needs to breathe in order to activate microcirculation and cellular exchanges. At the beginning of the year, we tend to winter and no longer want to go out because of the cold. Additionally, if you live in the city, your time spent outdoors often comes with unseen pollutants. Air pollution causes the air to become saturated with thousands of fine particles. They also settle on your face and prevent the skin from breathing, promoting the appearance of a dull complexion. By the way, also remember to ventilate your house and apartment every day to renew the air.
  • Occlusive make-up : As one feels pale, one tends to force on the make-up. Since we lose glow, we replace it with blurring bases, liquid highlighters, thicker foundations. Basically, you can't be blamed for trying to be more comfortable. But that contributes to fueling the problem. Do not wear makeup every day even if sometimes it is inconvenient. Take off your make-up early in the evening as soon as you return.
  • Lack of hydration : We often tell you, hydration is the union minimum . So that the epidermis does not produce an incalculable number of dead cells. You know that the accumulation of portal cells tends to thicken the skin and dull the complexion.

How can I improve my lifestyle for my dull complexion?

We may be repeating ourselves, but we like to remind you of the basics.

  • Tons of antioxidants on the plate.

Good foods for the skin

Fruits and vegetables galore!!! You will perhaps tell us that in winter, there is nothing at the market gardener's. Think again.

Antioxidants are found in colorful vegetables . There is a good amount of vitamin C in fresh broccoli.

So we continue to enjoy cucurbits. Squash, butternuts, pumpkins are rich in precursors of vitamin A and beta-carotene. There are also green vegetables: cabbage, spinach, chard, lamb's lettuce. On the fruit side, it's the season for citrus fruits and in particular blood oranges , which we love above all.

While doing so, here are some tips for adding a little more fun and polyphenols to your meals. Think of frozen berries and beetroot powder available in organic stores. That said, if you like beets do not deprive yourself of it.

  • The natural solution par excellence: fresh organic birch sap

Dull complexion cure

The simple little gesture that will make all the difference is the fresh organic Birch Sap cure.

In addition to optimizing the plate, imagine having only one thing to do: drink a small glass of this elixir every day . Then, all you have to do is notice the effects on your dull complexion and the rest of your body. Because the light will spread throughout your body from the inside out.

Fresh Organic Birch Sap is known to detoxify the body thanks to the presence of polyphenols, phenolic acid and vitamin C. Its particularity lies in the fact that it also participates in their renewal. And it obviously works for the skin.

Indeed, its contributions in amino acids, minerals and trace elements give the body multiple nutrients to renew itself. And the skin benefits immediately with a rejuvenating effect.

And the big bonus is that you will feel a real boost on fatigue. Very good for morale. And if morale is good, the complexion is more peaceful. The real virtuous circle what.

We advise you to do a cure over 3 weeks, at the rate of a small glass of 12.5cl per day in the morning on an empty stomach.

How does Saeve make dull complexion disappear?

Saève care against dull complexion

To get out of it, you have to act locally on the 3 main triggers:

  1. I clean properly

The idea is to get rid of everything that suffocates the skin: accumulation of sebum, excess makeup, air pollution….

This means that one proceeds to a good make-up removal followed by a gentle cleansing .

For make-up removal, hello to Hydra Malva Comfort Cleansing Milk . Because removing make-up from your skin yes, but without attacking it.

Then, cleanse with the Zéro Défaut Skin Foam .

In this foam, a combination of AHA fruit and exfoliating enzyme causes a gentle peel capable of gently eliminating dead cells, in order to get rid of dull complexion.

  1. I detoxify and I act on the complexion

If I detoxify the inside with fresh organic Birch Sap, I also do it outside.

In our Perfect Pisum range, there is vitamin C and oxyresveratrol . These two active ingredients are powerful antioxidants. They will act on the harmonization of the complexion by gradually eliminating incongruous colorations and getting rid of the dull complexion. Redness of imperfections, pigment spots and other colored hazards, everything will quickly fade, then disappear.

In the morning, we put on the Botanical Serum Booster of Radiance Anti-Spots . It will awaken dull complexions to give a luminous effect to your face. It fights against all types of spots, helps prevent their appearance and also fights external aggressions.

In the evening, Botanical Night Serum Micro Peel Peau Neuve will activate cell regeneration. We are in the process of correcting irregularities. In the morning, notice a noticeable change on your face.

  1. I hydrate properly

For the day, a light and fresh solution to avoid weighing down the skin of your face, especially if there is make-up: Infusion d'Eclat Smoothing Cream . Its texture is light and melting. It protects without taking the breath away to our skin. With its active ingredients, it immediately gives glow.

It is at night that you will counter the influence of lack of hydration by applying more cocooning creams. Perfect Skin Night Cream is a benefactor coverage that maximizes the effects of the serum. The skin "drinks" quietly while its natural molecules act on the smoothing of skin texture, the correction of irregularities and the return to natural radiance.

As with the rest of the range, this cream contains pea extracts titrated in monosaccharides known to correct and unify the complexion.

Saeve, shed light on your complexion!

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