(RE) Tone your body with the arrival of spring!

Tone your body with Tonus Citrus

The Super Tonus program (Citrus)

A program with draining massage advice coupled with our Tonus Citrus body range to lighten the legs and tone the body!

And yes, it's time to take care of your body while giving yourself a real energizing boost thanks to our energizing body range TONUS CITRUS !

Find a feeling of comfort, like a boost of energy after a moment of cocooning thanks to this range.

1 - How to tone your body with our Tonus Citrus range?

For an energizing boost

Need an energizing shot to tone your body and start the day off on the right foot? Saeve has developed the body range Citrus tone enriched with blood orange extract ( Citrus aurantium ), with amazing recognized toning properties , to give you back some pep in the blink of an eye!

These energizing body formulas instantly wake up the skin and soothe feelings of tightness. Irresistibly silky, the skin is nourished and hydrated for up to 24 hours, the body is invigorated and firmed.

Energizing 24-hour moisturizing milk, vitaminized sorbet hydration

Light and melting, the Energizing 24-Hour Moisturizing Milk awakens skin lacking tone and quenches the thirstiest. Non-greasy and non-sticky, its ultra-sensory texture melts instantly on the skin to pamper and moisturize it for 1,440 minutes, or 24 hours non-stop.
This milk with a light and melting texture, melts on the skin. Moisturized, silky and smooth, it's to die for!⠀

Its most not insignificant?

It reduces feelings of tightness, protects and sustainably nourishes the skin to leave it silky, smooth and subtly scented. Firmer and toned, it regains all its elasticity.

Energizing 24-hour moisturizing milk to tone your body

Energizing Nourishing Cream , to tone your body for the summer

With its toning effect, the Energizing Nourishing Cream is a shot of pure energy. Without missing a single second, it perfectly hydrates the skin for 24 hours.

It nourishes in depth and sweeps away all feelings of tightness with the back of the hand to immediately comfort and soothe the skin, again and again: goodbye crocodile skin. The skin seems immediately repaired, it is protected from drying out and external aggressions from the 1st application. Intensely nourished and toned, the skin is once again soft, supple and firmer.

With a creamy texture, the Energizing Nourishing Cream is a real shot of energy that will deeply nourish the skin without sticking or greasing. Energizing Nourishing Cream to tone your body

Energizing Shower Gel, for toned skin

This Energizing Shower Gel with an ultra-gentle washing base of vegetable origin manages to form a beautiful foam, easy to rinse. Far from the idea of ​​drying out the skin, it gently cleanses and tones it while respecting its natural balance. Clean and hydrated, the skin is toned, softer and immediately more comfortable. Energizing Shower Gel to tone your body

2 - Our draining massage tips to smooth and drain your body with the Tonus Citrus range!

Here, we tell you all about lymphatic drainage (to do it yourself), to tone your body. It is a massage that stimulates the circulation of the lymph. Below, we reveal some tips for doing it when you want and where you want .

Lymphatic drainage is a gentle massage technique developed to stimulate lymph circulation and strengthen the immune system and detoxify the body (this is the theme of the season, isn't it?). It is done with the hands while varying the pressure exerted.

1 / First of all, in order to open the lymphatic channels, apply 3 pressures to the back of the ankle between the index finger and the thumb.
2 / In order to drain your legs : insist on the ankle while going up along the calf. The movements are always from bottom to top (avoiding too much force on the bones to hurt you).
Drain the legs
3 / You must then perform the same mechanics, alternating with both hands.
draining massage
4 / To eliminate and break up the fatty deposits that are located on your legs, at knee level, perform circular movements with the fist of your hand.
Get rid of fatty deposits
5 / On the thighs: in order to absorb fatty deposits, smooth the skin from the top to the bottom of the thigh then start again with both fists of your hands simultaneously.
Smooth and drain the legs

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