How to overcome hormonal acne naturally and without medication?

Hormonal acne, what to do?
Acne is a real source of anxiety for all women. In recent years, social networks have offered us so many smooth, flawless faces that we feel ashamed as soon as a pimple appears on our face.
We know how difficult acne can be when you're a teenager. It destroys self-confidence. We have the feeling that everyone only sees that. Especially if this acne is inflammatory and leaves visible red marks for months.
However, it is all the more critical when the acne returns a few years later with advancing age. Having acne at 40 completely affects self-view.
Especially since this hormonal acne seems much more devastating than juvenile acne. It often occurs as an uncontrollable flare-up. These imperfections are nothing like what we may have known as a teenager. They are located on the lower face and in the neck. It gives rise to red and painful pimples that are difficult to hide with makeup.
All affected women see their confidence and femininity plummet. A certain self-loathing sets in. Some even refuse to go out except to go to work. Crossing eyes is a test.
This obstacle course triggers the worst strategies to get rid of it.
We want to reassure you that you can get through this. Never believe anyone who tells you it's permanent or irreversible.
There are solutions for hormonal acne and we decided to give you advice on how to get rid of it. Trust us. Every day we receive testimonies from women who are coming back to life.

1 – Lifestyle, the basis

You know that we are not here to sell you only creams. We advocate a global approach to well-being. And in this kind of case, using only dermo-cosmetics without improving your daily life is ineffective.

  • Eat without setting fire

It is imperative to lean on your plate. Anything pro-inflammatory should be slowed down or ruled out.

In general, we would tend to advise you to minimize sodas, cakes, chocolate bars and all other foods containing fast sugars . The same goes for the consumption of dairy products . In this specific case, think of cheeses, but also of yoghurts, cream and butter. Instead, prefer good essential fatty acids such as omega 3 with a direct impact on inflammatory discomfort.

Also consider charcuterie . The great fashion for super-protein diets sometimes leads to their consumption.

Rest assured, we are not asking you to deprive yourself for life, but rather to stop the time that the crises calm down.

  • Cleanse yourself by hydrating

Hormonal acne: hydrate

Now more than ever, you need to make sure you're properly hydrated. Drink even a little than normal during seizures. It is recommended to drink 1.25 liters of water per day. You need more if you are sporty.

You may be one of those women who don't take the time to hydrate because they have too much to think about.

Water eliminates toxins and reduces inflammatory phenomena.

Try. You will see, it will change your life.

  • Work on your stress

The more we fight against something, the more war sets in.

You're already fighting a battle against your acne, but if you're in permanent survival mode , it's not going to get any better.

It's time to take time for yourself to breathe and find your friends for moments of relaxation.

Indulge in yoga, treat yourself to spas and go to bed earlier. But above all, relax.

2 – Mistakes to avoid at all costs

When we see his skin in battlefield mode, the urgency makes us do stupid things.

We throw ourselves on the most abrasive products possible. It is attacked with scrubs and dermocaustic active ingredients. These methods can dry out the skin and even burn it. This is the door open to future brown spots. And in addition, the skin microbiota is unbalanced with a risk of bacterial proliferation.

On the net, there are also videos that recommend micro-needling . This is a method that consists of micro-perforating the skin using a roller equipped with micro-needles. This is intended to stimulate the regenerative functions of the skin.

However, this method places the skin in a situation of cutaneous stress which can accentuate inflammatory reactions. Micro-needling is therefore to be avoided during acne breakouts. Do not trust a practitioner who would offer you a session while your face is in crisis.

When it comes to makeup , let's be honest. The ideal would be not to wear makeup to avoid clogging the pores of the skin. But we know that it's a way to maintain a social life without feeling too embarrassed by the situation.

So ok for makeup. However, do us the real pleasure of cleaning your skin thoroughly. Again, be gentle with this. Use makeup removers and soothing cleansers.

We invite you to take a look at our Hydra Malva Comfort Cleansing Milk to gently remove greasy substances from make-up. Then use our Pur Paradisi Purifying Cleansing Gel to eliminate it completely. This gel contains organic grapefruit extracts and zinc salts to purify the skin. We clean by targeting the problem.

3 – Saeve against hormonal acne

  • The internal way

Anti-Blemish Gummies

Acne is multifactorial. And as seen above, you can only get out of it by putting the odds on your side. So, if it is important to work on your lifestyle, it is just as crucial to intervene on your inner well-being.

Don't we say "beautiful inside and out"?

Thus, we invite you to take advantage of the benefits of our Pur Paradisi Anti-Blemish Food Supplements . Our little gummies contain all the necessary active ingredients to intervene on your hormonal acne. They contain in particular micro-organisms likely to support the balance of the skin. A complete article is dedicated to our gummies. You can read it by clicking here .

The local way

Please don't touch your rashes . Because yes at the beginning, these pimples settle in the form of red lumps. They are extremely inflammatory at this time. Just put the pulp of your fingers on it once and you're off to the berezina.

The right reflex to take

Hormonal acne: fluid and correctors

As soon as you see a pimple appear, grab our Pur Paradisi Intensive Anti-Blemish Corrector . Apply it targeted on emerging imperfections. Use a cotton swab for more precision if you wish. But above all, do not poke the pimple. This is the best way to keep it for several weeks with the risk of lesions and persistent purplish marks.

For the rest, don't forget to moisturize your skin at all costs. These moisturizers must also be sebum regulators to work well. Our Pure Paradisi Purifying Botanical Fluid is made for you.

With a light texture, it leaves no greasy film for skin without shine . It continues the work of purifying and balancing the skin while mattifying it to calm the effects of redness.

Finally, we are going to ask you one thing. Be a little patient . Of course, you probably want things to go fast. But by following our advice, you can already estimate that things are almost settled. Firstly because you finally put all the chances on your side and then because we have many positive feedbacks from our consumers. We are sure of ourselves.

So if it was possible for them, it is also for you.

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