How to enjoy the sun without getting burned?

Put your skin in the sun

Happy are those who see the sun every day, they are all the more beautiful.

Yes, the sun makes us beautiful and beautiful because it gives us hope, smiles, warm summer evenings and meals on the terrace with friends. It's the lapping of the water in the swimming pool and the frantic bike ride along the canals. Fields of flowers, delicate umbrellas, cool trees and deckchairs call us.
Only now, for several years, the sun has been described as a scourge of modern times because of the resurgence of skin cancers. While the virtuous sun had been celebrated as the King Star since the dawn of time and in all civilisations, he has become a Devil burning life.
However, sunbathing is inevitably necessary for all living beings on our Earth. Without sun, there is no vegetation or active ingredients. It is the light that causes the rise of Sève de Bouleau at the very beginning of Spring each year.
How does the sun's radiation reach us? How does this cause skin problems? How to protect your skin from the sun? And above all, how to enjoy it without and with our Saeve products? We will explain everything to you.
Let's go for a big sunbath!

What are UV rays?

The activity on the Sun Star is so strong that it causes permanent heat and incandescence. This solar energy propagates towards the Earth in the form of electromagnetic waves. They are more commonly called "rays", and it is these that the children illustrate with large strokes of yellow lines on their pretty drawings.

There are two types of rays. There are those that we see with the naked eye, such as light and colors. Then there are the invisible rays called “infrared rays” and “ultraviolet rays”.

As you surely know, it is the ultraviolet rays that cause the most problems for our skin. On the tubes of solar products, they are called “UVA” and “UVB”. There are even “UVCs” which are blocked by the atmosphere. To understand their impact, we need to talk about their dangerousness from a more technical angle.

Anything that produces or uses energy emits radiation. Each ray has a variable intensity which is measured in wavelength. Depending on the intensity of the rays and the time the body is exposed to them, the effect will be more or less dangerous on the body.

Low frequency rays are considered harmless. This is for example the case of the waves of your favorite radio station listened to in the car. The waves begin to have a harmful impact from 400 nanometers (nm), and it is just below this threshold that UV is located: on average 360 ​​nm for UVA and 310 nm for UVB.

This energy comes into direct contact with our body through the first support available: the skin. Our skin is therefore a UV shield. It is the cells of the epidermis that capture the UV rays first, and it is the proteins of the skin, such as keratin or collagen, which will do the work, not without repercussions. .

What are the benefits and harms of the sun on the skin?

Before talking about the harmful effects of the sun on the skin, let's first review the virtues of the latter.

The sun allows the skin to synthesize vitamin D3 . UVB rays will couple with molecules derived from cholesterol present in the skin.

Vitamin D3 and the sun are essential for the proper functioning of the osteo-articular system by taking care of the bone capital and the fixation of calcium . Vitamin D3 also helps the immune system function properly .

In general, the sun helps to produce endorphins , responsible for our feeling of well-being. This phenomenon will directly affect our mood and our desire to enjoy life. Sunshine is even recommended in the accompaniment of depressions.

Light and the sun affect the quality of our sleep and the proper functioning of our nervous system . Indeed, the daily or circadian rhythm manages the production and propagation of numerous neuro-hormones in the body, in particular those relating to rest.

To take advantage of the virtues of the sun, it is recommended to expose yourself without sun protection for 10 to 20 minutes on average per day. However, this data should be adapted according to your phototype. The lighter your skin, the shorter the exposure will need to be. Your skin should not react. If she blushes, it indicates that you have already stayed too long.

But then, what is wrong with UV?

Of course, it's all about usage. The longer the exposures, without shade, without protection, the more numerous the risks described below.

Protect your skin from the sun with a hat

UVA rays are responsible for the signs of aging . It is they who are at the origin of the production of free radicals which oxidize the tissues. It's a bit like the barbecue of collagen fibers. In short, when you fail to protect your skin from the sun, it's the door to hell open to wrinkles and sagging skin .

As for UVB rays, they are responsible for tanning and therefore for burning . In contact with the intense heat of the UV, the melanocytes will produce black grains of melanin whose role is to protect the DNA of the cells of the epidermis: this is tanning. However, this process has limits. We sometimes speak of “depleted solar capital” and “sunburn”. The first impact is to cause pigment spots and micro-burns on the skin. But the biggest risk is the modification of cellular DNA . It can then reproduce and create skin diseases and cancers.

Saeve's tips for protecting your skin from the sun

Obviously, we will advise you to protect your body as much as possible with suitable sunscreen products, SPF 50+, and to avoid exposing yourself during the hottest hours.

And of course, we will encourage you to wear hats, appropriate sunglasses and to bring sarongs and parasols to the beach.

But at Saeve, we have other magnificent shields to help you. To protect your skin from the sun and fight against free radicals, we obviously take you to our Detox Officinale range , whose standardized titrated Dandelion Extracts act against free radicals.

Dandelion contains natural cellular antioxidants, such as vitamin C and beta-carotene . It is also rich in fructans , which inhibit oxidative reactions and limit inflammatory reactions in the skin.

We advise you to apply our Multi-Defense Detox Cream SPF30 in the morning to compensate for daily exposure during sunny days. And if your skin needs more protection, why not take advantage of Dandelion's active ingredients with the Anti-Oxidant Detox Shield Botanical Serum . Its anti-pollution and detoxifying active ingredients will reduce the consequences of pollution on the skin . From the first use, the skin is cleansed, the skin texture is refined, the complexion is more even. Protect your skin from the sun with the Detox Officinale range

On the other hand, we draw your attention to the fact that the Detox Officinale range is not a solar range . It does not dispense with applying specific sun creams specific to voluntary sun exposure, to protect your skin from the sun.

In the evening, bet on the Regenerating Detox Night Cream . The idea is to give tools to the skin in its nocturnal cell regeneration phase to repair the damage caused during the day by UV rays and free radicals. Our cream also contains Sunflower Seed and Apricot Kernel Oils . After a good idleness, the skin needs intense hydration and soothing, these oils are then welcome.

Finally, do not forget to calm the fire on the body. Exposure to the sun causes greater water loss which can lead to a feeling of dry skin in summer.

Tonus Citrus Energizing Nourishing Cream is ideal for a boost of energy. It contains soothing and moisturizing Vegetable Glycerin , and restorative Olive Oil , and is perfect for nourishing thirsty skin and protecting it from dryness and external aggressions.

Body range for summer

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