How to properly cleanse your skin according to its type?

how to properly cleanse your skin?

Who has never gone to bed late one night without cleaning their skin? Who hasn't been too lazy to remove their makeup after a long night out? Come on, come on, ladies. We assume. We've all done it at least once in our lives.
If a few times in a lifetime, it is not so serious, it becomes a little more so if we apply this terrible rule several times a week.
Cleansing the skin is essential because even before beautifying, it will help rid the skin of all the impurities collected during the day.
Exhaust gases and atmospheric pollution, anti-pandemic masks, various dusts, summer sweat, the skin is covered throughout the day. And if you wear make-up, it's all the more fine particles that cover the skin and dull it. So to eliminate external aggressions, germs and blushes, we must cleanse our skin every day. It's more than a treatment, it's basic hygiene.
But are there any rules to follow in terms of facial cleansers? And with my skin type, what should I choose at Saeve?
We explain everything to you in this article. Follow the Cleaner Experts that we are.

The need for facial cleansing

Let it be said, facial cleansing is not reserved only for skin with imperfections.

The skin is constantly in contact with an innumerable quantity of polluting particles, atmospheric disruptors and microbes of all kinds.

Without wanting to create psychosis, the face and the hands are the most in contact with all these problems. The first thing we advise you to fight against microbes and germs is the systematic washing of your hands when you get home before you even do anything else.

The same goes for your face. And as mentioned at the beginning of the post, it is all the more important in the event of acne problems or blackheads.

Skin cleansing, evening or morning?

Cleanse your face naturally

In view of what we have just stated, logic dictates that we systematically wash our faces in the evening. Even if you are more of the "morning shower" team.

Because we are often asked the question. In the evening, it is essential. In the morning, the skin is much less “dirty”. On the other hand, remember that cell regeneration of the skin takes place at night. As part of a detox, the skin can for example reject excess sebum during the period. In this specific case, we can proceed to a cleaning in the morning.

Otherwise, adopt the little wake-up touch in the morning by applying our Moisturizing Perfecting Lotion, for example. This prepares your skin to receive the rest of the care for the day.

Be aware, however, that while cleansing helps rid the skin of impurities, it weakens the hydrolipidic film. Be kind when you do. Try a gentle, slow, non-aggressive gesture.

Then, do not forget that whatever happens, you will have to apply a care cream afterwards.

Should I clean my face if I have removed my makeup?

The answer is an absolute YES.

In case of elaborate make-up, we advise you to first use a cleansing milk to remove the pigments and fatty substances found in the make-up. For the most passionate, there are indeed sometimes blurring bases, foundations, powders, blushes…. Double cleaning is highly recommended in this case.

In the Hydra Malva range, we offer Comfort Cleansing Milk before applying a face cleanser specific to your skin type.

Cleansing normal to dry skin

For these two types of skin, cleansing must avoid unbalancing the natural hydration of the skin.

For normal skin, it's just a question of removing the outer particles. The Cleansing Cleansing Gel is made for you. It is a gentle, soap-free formula that does not imbalance the natural PH of the skin. It will eliminate the last traces of make-up.

It contains sweet almond oil and organic Mallow extracts. It therefore helps to maintain nutrition and hydration for the skin.

This gel is therefore completely recommended to soothe dry skin and sensitive skin. It cleans the face without causing tightness or redness. Dry and sensitive skin should not be stripped excessively and a single cleaning in the evening is recommended.

Facial cleansers

Cleansing oily or blackhead skin

If your skin is prone to acne, it means that there is excess oil on the surface. This can cause clogging of the pores and lead to more or less visible pimples.

We recommend the Purifying Cleansing Gel with specific active ingredients for skin with imperfections. It contains titrated extracts of purifying Pink Grapefruit and sebum-regulating zinc salts that also soothe the inflammatory reaction. It participates in healing.

Don't worry about your face. Just because your skin has blemishes doesn't mean it's any less fragile. On the contrary, it is thinner in places. It is not necessary to add more. And even when you dry your face, go about it with respect.

If you do not have acne but your skin has blackheads or pigmentary marks left by acne, we invite you to use the Zéro Défaut Skin Foam . Sensoriality guaranteed on this treatment, this foam turns into an emulsion cream. It carries out a very light exfoliation thanks to the presence of fruit acids and its exfoliating enzymes. The skin is perfectly cleansed, especially of excess dead cells. The grain is brighter thanks to the titrated extracts of Pea.

Deep skin cleansing

Anti-blemish food supplements

Recently born from the Pur Paradisi range, our Gummies are specific food supplements to support acne problems.

They consist of Zinc citrate, titrated plant extracts such as Burdock, Nettle, Birch leaves or organic Chaga. They also contain probiotics to rebalance the intestinal microbiota . We know that the imbalance of the latter would have repercussions on the skin, especially in terms of pimples and inflammation.

A cure of 3 months can therefore help you to purify your skin in depth.

For a general cleansing of the body, we encourage you to take a 3-week cure of fresh Birch Sap . You know how dear this ingredient is to our “Saeveuse” heart. Birch Sap also has this crazy ability to "cleanse" the body but also to nourish it thanks to the wide range of nutrients it contains.

Overall, cleaning your skin locally, thoroughly and daily is essential to maintain its beauty. Embellishing it with gestures that act from the inside out is complementary.

Don't forget that your skin defends you every day and that it deserves special attention.


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