5 essential tips to prepare your skin for the sun this summer

5 tips to prepare your skin for the sun this summer

Aaahhhhhhh….. Good weather, bathing suits, light sandals and fields of poppies, summer is setting in. We relax and we forget the painful obligations. We let go quietly, languid on the deckchairs by Grand Maman's pool.

Except that if you relax too much, the arid and gray crocodile skin is guaranteed at the end of summer. Make this season an opportunity to flourish as a fine Fleur des Champs. Staying beautiful, fresh and full of Energy is possible in the middle of summer.

Let's not beat around the bush, let's get started with our Beautiful Skin Pro Summer Routine.

1 – Your plate, you will pigment,

Unsurprisingly, for beautiful skin, it's obvious that we're going to talk about what's on your plate. You know our values ​​on this subject: a fun and delicious diet, certainly rich in nutrients and protective for the skin .

Natural pigments and antioxidants await you at Le Primeur. The ice cream department is ok, but not permanently. On the other hand, do not worry, eat colorful. All these colors will fill your melanocytes with pigments available for a soft and subtle tan.

Apricots, melons, nectarines, raw and cooked tomatoes, peppers … Also think of spices. Long live sweet paprika and turmeric on your Bruschetta.

It translates to vitamin C, beta-carotene, flavonoid . And by the way, ladies, this will contribute to an additional light leg effect.

2 – Your face, you will cleanse and exfoliate,

We are going to teach you something ferociously incredible: in summer, we sweat. Yes okay, we don't teach you anything. Except that it's a detail that we tend to forget. Yet it participates in heckling our skin texture in summer.

Sweating is a natural phenomenon that allows the body to adapt its temperature. It also allows us to eliminate our metabolic waste. Except that mixed with sunscreen, makeup and pollution, it can be a devastating Molotov cocktail for the skin.

So we clean up. Even we double clean. And regularly, we exfoliate gently so as not to damage its protective hydrolipidic barrier.

For beautiful skin, bet on these 3 guaranteed clean-up products:

Zero Defect Skin Foam

3 – The skin, the essential rampart of our immune defenses

In view of the explanations of the previous point, it will be all the more necessary to treat your imperfections.

Don't deprive yourself of the sun . Just because you have blemishes doesn't mean you have to stay locked up at home. However, be aware that the skin will mechanically thicken to protect itself from UV rays. In fact, the small seborrhoeic ducts can become blocked and ultimately create additional pimples.

Prepare your skin for the sun to tan

Marks from old blemishes can also turn brown and turn into unsightly spots. Even if you can't wait to see your skin rid of these skin issues, keep your pretty fingers away from your pimples.

Here are two tips to deal effectively with this problem:

Pur Paradisi Purifying Botanical Anti-Blemish Serum

  • And to contain future pimples in the making, don't forget our Intensive Anti-Blemish Corrector from the same range, enriched with titrated Grapefruit extract.

For more information about blemishes, we recommend that you read our article: " How to get rid of acne quickly and naturally?" ".

4 – Your skin, you will hydrate,

Wind, sea, sun, summer pollution, everything contributes to dry us out like dehydrated prunes. Whether it's on your return from the beach or more daily, you must take the time to hydrate yourself deeply. It is THE gesture among all the gestures for the skin. It will also guarantee perfect skin in summer.

Taking care of yourself in summer means being in tune with this season. Happiness, Love, Slow Life . Many consumers agree that they don't have time to take care of themselves. No time to cocoon. No space to meet. It is therefore exactly the moment to finally devote yourself to it.

We offer you 2 hydrating well-being axes:

Hydra Malva Soothing Re-Hydrating Infusion Mask

  • And after the shower, take advantage of our Happiness 24h Moisturizing Milk Energizing Tonus Citrus . We guarantee you the quintessence of summer in a bottle with invigorating scents of Blood Orange and Mint. Anti-heat wave effect activated.

    5 – Your skin capital, you will protect,

    We wouldn't be Skin Care professionals if we didn't remind you of the essentials for intelligent exposure to the sun, to maintain beautiful skin.

    Why do we have to go through this? Because beyond the fact that you will accelerate the aging of your skin , you are exposing yourself to major health risks. Skin cancers are not fiction. So be careful and kind to yourself.

    Just follow these simple sun exposure rules:

    • Expose yourself to the least harmful hours , i.e. before 11 a.m. in the morning and after 4 p.m. in the evening and go there gradually,
    • If you practice an outdoor activity during the day, protect yourself locally with sunscreens with a minimum index of 30 . Renew the applications several times a day,
    • Protect your eyes with sunglasses with high opacity and wear hats.

    And for the skin of your face, we offer you our Multi-Defense Detox Cream SPF 30 Detox Officinale . We recently published a full article on the Dandelion benefits of this magical range. In this cream, there are powerful antioxidants with our Immunox ® patent and our Dandelion extract. It is also depolluting, all sealed with SPF 30 anti-UV sun protection.

    Mutli-defense detox cream SPF30, protection to prepare your skin for the sun

    Be the queens of summer, Saeve watches over your beauty!

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