5 gift ideas for Valentine's Day!💕

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and you still don't have any presents? Do not panic ! We have put together 5 perfect gift ideas to please your loved one!

No. 1: The perfect skin ritual, essential for looking radiant on your big day!

This day and night care ritual promises you perfectly even and radiant skin thanks to Pea extract with lightening and anti-dark spots properties. For an ultra-glowy complexion throughout the day and a perfectly rested complexion first thing in the morning, this is the ritual you need!


N°2: 3 weeks of Detox with the Birch Sap Cure!

Feeling good in your body is priceless! Well... yes, €41.70 for the Cure of 3 bottles of Birch Sap!

Harvested by hand in our wonderful forests of Auvergne, Birch Sap is a treasure for the skin and the body. It boosts your vitality, improves the appearance of the skin, strengthens your immunity and promotes the proper functioning of the body's emunctories thanks to its exceptional content of trace elements, amino acids and natural sugars.

A ½ glass of 12.5 cl per day, to be taken on an empty stomach in the morning.

birch sap cure

No. 3: The Hydra Malva travel kit, to go on a trip with peace of mind!

The ideal gift for a romantic weekend away!

1 complete morning/evening Hydra Malva routine in a mini version!

Enriched with Mauve extract, this range will soothe and protect your skin from all signs of dryness, for a plumped and soothed face. Velvet skin is yours!


No. 4: A skincare routine? A box !

Choose the box best suited to your loved one's skin concerns.

For skin without imperfections, fall for the Pur Paradisi Perfect Skin Box.

Need a radiant and even complexion, opt for the Percet Pisum Radiance Activator Set !

Winter is harsh on your skin, it feels tight and needs to be nourished, theHydra Malva Nourishing Set will work wonders!

On the other hand, if your skin needs to be hydrated, the Hydra Malva Moisturizing Set will be its best ally.


N°5: A Saeve gift card, so you don’t make a mistake!

A gift card to take care of our beautiful plants and introduce your loved ones to Saeve.

Our extraordinary gift card is valid for one year exclusively on our site. 4 amounts available (30, 60, 90 and 120 €)


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