Relaxing Shower Gel - 200ml


Gently awakens the senses

Gently cleanses 

[Action]The ultra-gentle botanical cleansing base of the Relaxing Shower Gel creates a lovely creamy foam to envelop skin in tenderness while you daydream in the shower. It relaxes and delicately cleanses the skin without drying it out, and of course also respects the skin’s natural balance. As well as being clean, moisturized and soothed, the skin is softer, immediately more comfortable... and deliciously scented. A delight for the senses!

[Tips]Lather and rinse with plenty of water. First, form a circle with the fingers and blow inside to create a bubble (optional suggestion of use). Avoid contact with eyes. Dermatologically tested.

[Fragrance]An anti-stress break that is as luscious as it is soothing, with fresh notes of sweet Rhubarb, deliciously enhanced by a touch of aromatic Thyme and herbaceous Sage. A naturally addictive fragrance for incredibly irresistible skin.


Cleanses gently: 100%* 
Skin is toned, moisturized and soothed: 100%*
Skin is immediately softer and more comfortable: 100%*
*Satisfaction test after 3 weeks, 21 women.

[Secrete formula AA.GD12]

Contains 93% ingredients of natural origin
Organic Fresh Birch Sap, Rhubarb, Glycerin...

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