24hr Relaxing Moisturizing Milk - 250ml


Delicate relaxing hydration

Intensely moisturizes – Softens – Soothes

[Action] As fresh as a sorbet, as soft as a caress... the list of qualities of the 24hr Relaxing Moisturizing Milk is long, as is the duration of its moisturizing benefits! In 24 hours, it lastingly nourishes, moisturizes and reduces sensations of tightness thanks to its non-greasy and non-sticky ultra-sensorial texture which melts instantly in water. Skin is irresistibly silky, perfumed, smooth and comforted. And the cherry on the cake (or rather the Rhubarb on the cake) is that the skin fully recovers its elasticity, is firm and toned.

[Tips] Apply all over the body. Dermatologically tested.

[Fragrance] An anti-stress break that is as luscious as it is soothing, with fresh notes of sweet Rhubarb, deliciously enhanced by a touch of aromatic Thyme and herbaceous Sage. A naturally addictive fragrance for incredibly irresistible skin.


24-hour non-stop hydration: +52.3% hydration after 30 min.* 
Skin is lastingly nourished, silky and smooth: 100%**
Skin is toned and firmer: 100%**
Skin is not greasy or sticky after application: 100%**
*Instrumental test using a corneometer, 11 women. **Satisfaction test after 4 weeks, 21 women with a normal to sensitive skin.

[Secrete formula AA.LH18]

93% ingredients of natural origin
Organic Fresh Birch Sap, Rhubarb, Olive, Glycerin...

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