Formulation philosophy

Formulation philosophy

Skincare that is highly skin-friendly and planet-friendly

[ Natural, first and foremost… and MADE IN FRANCE! ]

For you, Saeve has developed clean and “conscious” formulas, designed with an average of 92% ingredients of natural origin and free of any ingredient that may be an irritant or aggressive to the skin. Each of our products contains exceptional natural ingredients such as organic fresh Birch Sap, organic Chaga and other ingredients including Mallow, Dandelion, Pea... carefully selected and harvested in their natural environment: forests, gardens, etc. Are the rest of the ingredients of natural origin? In terms of sensoriality, absolutely... But we wanted to especially focus on the efficacy and performance of our skin by using, for example, peptides that are ultra-powerful as a result of biotechnology.


[ We don't want these! ]

Saeve has banned the uses of several components in its products including silicones, PEG, synthetic colorants, parabens, phenoxyethanol, sodium laureth sulfate, mineral oils, gluten, ingredients of animal origin. All these ingredients, which are regularly used in cosmetic products, have been replaced in Saeve products by ingredients that are rigorously selected to respect the skin and environment.

[ The origin of the organic Birch Sap and organic Chaga that Saeve uses ]

The Birch Sap is certified organic and comes from the natural volcanic parks in the Auvergne region.  Our methods for tapping the organic Birch Sap and organic Chaga are environmentally responsible.  The hole made in the trunk in no way affects the life of the tree. Once the sap is collected, the hole is plugged with a wooden dowel so that the tree can reform its bark.


No allergies... not even to birch! ]

Don’t worry, people who dread Birch pollen are safe from allergic reactions with Saeve skincare! The sap is extracted in March before the flowers appear, so there is no risk of pollen dispersal or from the leaves, which can also be allergenic. At the same time, Saeve skincare products have been formulated to minimize any risk of allergic reactions. The quantity and number of potentially allergenic ingredients in Saeve products, such as essential oils, have been minimized as much as possible.

[ Cruelty-free! ]

For Saeve beauty is natural! We absolutely do not test our products on animals, nor do we use products of animal origin! Saeve products are rigorously tested by our teams and on panels of volunteers according to the strictest protocols and in collaboration with specialized doctors.