The secrets of production

The secrets of production

What makes our skincare even more effective:


[Titrated botanical ingredients. Explanations!]

All Saeve products contain, in addition to the Immunox® complex (organic fresh Birch Sap + organic Chaga), a third titrated plant active, a cosmetic treasure from the everyday plants that grow around us.

Mallow for hydration, Pink Grapefruit for purity, Dandelion for detox, Peas for radiance, Pine for anti-aging, the list goes on. There’s no point searching for exotic extracts in all four corners of the world. Taking a responsible, almost “localivore” approach, Saeve has selected extracts from plants that grow naturally in local forests, gardens and orchards. These plants have been used in beauty preparations for thousands of years, and their benefits are widely recognized. For S[æ]ve, each of them has been titrated in active substances (fructan for dandelion, monosaccharides for peas, stabilised OPC for pine, etc.) which means that they contain the right amounts to guarantee their effectiveness and precision in the extracts that Saeve face care products contain.


Titrated botanical ingredients
Ferments that boost the effectiveness of our skincare  


[Ferments that boost the effectiveness of our skincare]

These biotechnological active ingredients are natural probiotics that act like superfood dietary supplements for the skin!  There are seven ferments or ingredients obtained by fermentation that are found in Saeve products...  They are handpicked to work in perfect harmony with the skin’s ecosystem.  Want to know more?

2 hyaluronic acids are obtained by means of bacterial fermentation to increase the skin’s hydration level.

1 hydrolyzed hyaluronic micro-acid derived from the fermentation of wheat that has an effect on tissue density and elasticity

1 fermented bacillus provides an enzymatic soft-peel that respects the skin’s pH.

1 cell renewal booster yeast extract as well as a unicellular microalgae that can energize the skin during its night-time regeneration phase.

1 marine ferment that is able to regulate the flow of sebum and limit shine on oily skin.

These biotechnological active ingredients are disseminated into the formulas in a targeted manner in order to provide the best response to the concerns. And this proves, once again, that nature is at its best when it is at the core of the most advanced technologies.

["Sap-like" encapsulation technology]

As when sap, which is a vector for life, spreads through the tree to provide it with all the nutrients it needs, Saeve skincare infuses every cell in the skin with a unique biomimetic innovation known as “Sap-like technology”.

This vectorization system is based on the encapsulation of active ingredients inside micro-capsules (measuring just 0.1μm) that are able to transport them deep inside the tissue.

Using an innovative assembly technique, hydrophilic active molecules (tend to dissolve in water) and hydrophobic molecules (insoluble in water) are trapped together inside micro-structures whose external phase is actually completely hydrophilic.

So what does this do?

Not only are the active ingredients more stable, but they can all pass through the skin barrier more easily. They are transported further, more quickly, and in greater numbers. Their bioavailability is maximized.

In other words, “Sap-like technology” mimics the role of plant sap, which is a vector for life, by releasing the precise basic elements that it needs into the deepest part of the skin. And that’s why Saeve skincare is so incredibly effective.


Did you know?

[FS.CR30], [GC.MD29], [AA.SB80]… but what do these mysterious codes mean for each Saeve product?

As for a work, our formulators sign each of their creations. So, behind every Saeve product lies a formula that has a code revealing the secret identity of its creator.

[FS.CR30] means therefore :

  • Fanny S.: our daring formulator,
  • Rich thirst-quenching cream (Crème Riche Désaltérante - in French -) : initials of this exceptional product
  • 30 tries:

    before signing for the perfect formula. 

And now, you know everything!