Behind the scenes of Saeve

Behind the scenes

Discover what our passionate experts who helped create the brand have to say!


Once upon a time... the perfect formula!

“Formulating Saeve products was very challenging and motivating, not just because of the concept and the meticulous selection of the natural-origin active ingredients but also the relentless pursuit of sensoriality in the formulas. For every product, we completed no less than thirty or so formula tests (sometimes up to 80 in the case of the serums!). Given that around 40 products have been launched, I’ll leave it you to work out how many tests were carried out to achieve the perfect formula...

We also collaborated with leading experts on extensive themes relating to skin immunity and the protection of cell and mitochondrial DNA. This collaboration led us to a revolutionary innovation the Immunox® patent which is found in Saeve face care and brings together the “organic fresh Birch Sap + organic Chaga” complex. With 119 tests and specific studies, this patent has demonstrated exceptional results on skin that I still find surprising. It’s incredible how many treasures can be found in nature! You just need to know how to use them. And nature continues to surprise us. There’s more to come in new formulas!”

Fanny S., Research and Development manager




A spirited fragrant bouquet...

“When Pauline contacted me, she had a very clear idea that when you open the bottle you should find yourself in a wild garden of childhood memories and inner landscapes. Her wish was poetic: to ensure that each olfactory bouquet paid tribute to nature.

For a Nose, it was perfect. I began by searching for base notes around wood... Absolutely no leather or anything too animal. We took our search to orchards and forests, looking for familiar scents full of emotion, such as sweet peas, rhubarb, orange trees.  

Every bottle, every tube immerses you in an olfactory experience that regenerates the senses and also triggers memories, such as being in a lush green garden surrounded by a thousand scents."

Irène F., Perfumer

 An artisan harvest and... respectful! 

"I have been harvesting Birch sap for several years in the Auvergne forests close to Volvic. Harvesting begins in the spring just before the opening of the buds, more precisely in March for 3 to 4 weeks. At this time, the sap rises through the birch, it is then full of minerals and has excellent detoxifying and revitalizing properties.

Certified organic, the sap that I harvest for the Saeve laboratory is exclusively obtained according to the traditional method in respect of the tree."

Alexis B., Wild plant picker