Detoxifying Antioxidant Shield Botanical Serum - 30ml

[Detox Officinale] ANTIOXIDANT DETOX

Extraordinary youth-activating Sap

Anti-wrinkles – Revitalizes – Anti-Dull complexion

[Action]An anti-wrinkle concentrate combined with a potent multi-protective action... it just needed someone to think of it. This botanical serum is an effective detox antidote that brings new youth to the skin by fighting aginst daily aggression (pollution, stress, etc.) and smoothing wrinkles. It neutralizes all type of free radicals as well as damage caused by pollution thanks to its powerful patented antioxidant and repairing active ingredients that also boost the skin’s immune defenses.  Revitalized, skin is perfectly smoothed, the complexion recovers its original radiance.

[Tips] Morning and evening, apply to the face and neck, before the cream, because using a serum obviously means using a cream too (and vice versa)! Instrumentally tested.

[Fragrance] Infuse your skin with the scent of a bouquet, freshly picked at dawn, with the botanical notes of Dandelion, candidly unveiled by the delicateness of Iris and the sparklingness of citrus. Immersion in nature is guaranteed.


Skin is as if depolluted: 100%*
Skin is instantly revived: 100%*
Eyes are thoroughly cleansed: 100%*
*Tested for a period of 3 weeks on 23 female smokers wth a dull complexion, sensitive skin and eyes.

[Secrete formula GC.EM25]

91% ingredients of natural origin
Organic Fresh Birch Sap, Dandelion, Saponary...

0% Silicones, Parabens, PEG, Gluten, Mineral oil, Sodium laureth sulfate, Ingredients of animal origin, Phenoxyethanol, Colorants.

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