Relaxing Nourishing Cream - 230ml


Conforting skin nourishment

Replenishes lipids – 24hr Hydration – Soothes

[Action]As well as epitomizing comfort and cocooning, the Relaxing Nourishing Cream offers an invitation to relax, combined with infinite efficacy to perfectly moisturize skin for 24 hours. And because it is generous in nourishing ingredients and in texture, it protects the skin from dryness and external aggression with the first application, as well as providing lasting relief to combat the sensations of tightness. Toned and intensely nourished, the skin is firmer and seems immediately repaired. With a simple click of the fingers the skin is once again soft, comfortable and supple with no greasy or sticky effect.

[Tips]Apply all over the body, from head to toe, or toe to head, whichever you prefer. Dermatologically tested.

[Fragrance]An anti-stress break that is as luscious as it is soothing, with fresh notes of sweet Rhubarb, deliciously enhanced by a touch of aromatic Thyme and herbaceous Sage. A naturally addictive fragrance for incredibly irresistible skin.


24-hour non-stop hydration: +70.9% hydration after 30 min.*
Skin is toned: 80%** 
Provides nutrition deep down: 95%**
Lastingly soothes sensations of tightness: 95%**
*Instrumental test using a corneometer, 12 women. **Satisfaction test after 3 weeks, 21 women with a dry to very dry skin.

[Secrete formula AA.CN21]

Contains 92% ingredients of natural origin
Organic Fresh Birch Sap, Rhubarb, Glycerin, Vegetable Butter...

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