Detoxifying Micellar Water - 500ml

[Detox Officinale] ANTIOXIDANT DETOX

Radiance-enhancing micellar water

Removes face and eye makeup – Cleanses – Anti-Pollution

[Action]Given its outstanding ability to combat pollution, this fresh, soothing Detoxifying Micellar Water effectively eliminates impurities and the film of pollution that dulls a complexion. In a single step, it removes all make-up from the face and eyes and also helps refine the skin texture. From the 1st application, skin is detoxified. Skin is more supple and infinitely soft, it appears free of pollution and glows with beauty.

[Tips]Apply delicately to the face and eyes using a round cotton pad (or square, it doesn’t matter). Do not rinse. Ophthalmologically and dermatologically tested on sensitive skin.

[Fragrance]Infuse your skin with the scent of a bouquet, freshly picked at dawn, with the botanical notes of Dandelion, candidly unveiled by the delicateness of Iris and the sparklingness of citrus. Immersion in nature is guaranteed.


Skin is as if depolluted: 100%*
Skin is instantly revitalized: 100%*
Skin is thoroughly cleansed: 100%*
*Tested for a period of 3 weeks on 23 female smokers wth a dull complexion, sensitive skin and eyes.

[Secrete formula GC.EM25]

Contains 91% ingredients of natural origin
Organic Fresh Birch Sap, Dandelion, Saponary...

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