Multi-Defense Detoxifying Cream SPF30 - 40ml

[Detox Officinale] ANTIOXIDANT DETOX

Self-defense skincare

Brightens the complexion – Antioxidant – Anti-Pollution

[Action]Nothing (or almost nothing...) can get through the effective shield of Multi-Defense Detoxifying Cream SPF30. Free radicals responsible for skin aging are trapped leaving skin lastingly protected from the ravages of time. Day after day its patented active ingredients improve skin quality to reveal a complexion that appears visibly younger and freshened. Completely detoxified and protected against pollution, skin is hydrated and luminous.

[Tips]Apply in the morning to the face, not forgetting to work down as far as the kissable hollow of the neck. Dermatologically tested.

[Fragrance]Infuse your skin with the scent of a bouquet, freshly picked at dawn, with the botanical notes of Dandelion, candidly unveiled by the delicateness of Iris and the sparklingness of citrus. Immersion in nature is guaranteed.


The skin is immediately "depolluted": 100%*
The skin is perfectly detoxified:
Brighter complexion:
*Satisfaction test after 3 weeks on 21 female smokers with a dull complexion.

[Secrete formula DJ.CD36]

Contains 84% ingredients of natural origin
Organic Fresh Birch Sap, Organic Chaga, Dandelion, Apple, Magnolia...

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