Lifting Eye and Lip Contour Care - 15ml


3-in-1 lifting care

Anti-Wrinkles – Anti-Dark circles – Anti-Puffiness

[Action]There’s no need to search any longer for the philosopher’s stone when you have the Lifting Eye and Lip Contour Care! This performance skincare with a concentrated, unscented formula has a metal applicator with a refreshing, massage effect to actively correct signs of aging around the eyes and lips. It diminishes established wrinkles, firms skin by tightening the eyelid and reduces dark circles and puffiness to revive and brighten the eyes. The skin is plumped and redensified as if restructured from the inside. Crow’s feet wrinkles are immediately smoothed. Visibly crease-free, the eye contour appears lifted, and the eyes look younger.

[Tips]Morning and evening, apply 3 small drops around the eyes (including the upper eyelids), then using the applicator massage in from inside to the outside, smoothing over the crow’s feet (no need to specify that we’re talking about the wrinkle). It can also be applied to lines around the lips. Ophthalmologically tested.


Anti-wrinkle effect: -23.9%*
Anti-puffiness effect: -20.9%**
Anti-dark circle effect: -8.6%***
Tightens the eyelid and firms skin: 95%****
Smoothes established wrinkles and brightens the eye contour: 90%****
Crow’s feet wrinkles are immediately smoothed and the eye contour appears lifted: 86%****
*Clinical test after 4 weeks, 22 women. **Clinical test after 4 weeks, 11 women. ***Clinical test for after 4 weeks, 11 women. ****Clinical test after 4 weeks, 22 women

[Secrete formula  AA.CY35]

Contains 88% ingredients of natural origin
Organic Fresh Birch Sap, Organic Chaga, Pine, Broccoli Flavonoids, Ash...

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