Question: How do you pronounce "Saeve"?

Answer: Like the word sap in French! Saeve's particular spelling is a nod to our flagship asset, the authentic Organic Birch Fresh Sap and its fabulous skin-saving capabilities ("Save" in English 😉). Saeve, the sap that saves your skin!


Question: How do you pronounce Saeve?

Answer: Like the word sap in French! Saeve's particular spelling is a nod to our flagship asset, the authentic Organic Birch Fresh Sap and its fabulous skin-saving capabilities ("Save" in English 😉). Saeve, the sap that saves your skin!

LA MONTAGNE honours our prestigious award for Best Facial Care 2019!

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La Montagne, Entreprendre
Our mask with "pro-bright pea" extract in ELLE magazine!
(ELLE magazine, n°3815, p.49)
TOP 5 of the questions and answers

Many of you ask us questions about our brand or our Saeve treatments every day, so we created a TOP 5 of the most frequently asked questions!

Here are the answers to your questions: Saeve, TOP 5 des questions réponses

#1 : "I'm allergic to birch. Is there a risk?"

No, none at all! There is no pollen in the sap of ascending Birch. It is harvested in March, i.e. before pollination. Tests conducted on the analysis of this sap show that it contains no trace of pollen.


#2 : "I have sensitive skin. Can I use your care?"

We have created a special range tested on sensitive skins under dermatological control: it is the Hydra Malva moisturizing range based on mallow titled moisturizing and soothing. It offers cleansing treatments with different textures, serum, cream and eye contour.


#3 : "What does your Immunox® patent do?"

Our Immunox® patent ("Immun" for immunity and "Ox" for antioxidant) is a unique and exclusive botanical combination that will preserve the beauty of the skin, as well as its radiance. With more than 115 tests and scientific studies carried out, this patent repairs mitochondrial DNA and protects cellular DNA, provides antioxidant protection and stimulates the skin's immune defences, for a more beautiful skin and better equipped to resist future aggressions.


#4 : "Are you organic?"

We are not organic even if we have all the attributes! No silicone, no PEG, no mineral oil, no phenoxyethanol, no colouring, no sodium laureth sulfate, no gluten... We nevertheless wanted a very high performance for our treatments, Thus, for some products, we have chosen to incorporate the most powerful active ingredients on the market, such as tripeptides for anti-ageing and firmness (not organic but harmless to the skin), AHAs (a combination of fruit acids that gently exfoliate the skin) or ferments (biotechnological ingredients that increase the effectiveness of our care tenfold).


#5 : "Do you test your products on animals?"

Absolutely not. This is prohibited by European regulations . We test our products by alternative methods on volunteers. The tests are carried out by an independent laboratory for total transparency.


Essential fatty acids: the skin's essentials

Let's face it, we can't claim to be "Skin Experts" without talking about fatty acids.

So today, lecture at S[æ]ve's!

Don't worry, we'll keep it simple. It's just that we'd like to make you understand that as the saying goes :
"Fat is life".


Let's start from the beginning. The entire human body is composed of cells. Until then, we're not teaching you anything major. On the other hand, did you know that each cell in your body is surrounded by a protective membrane composed of fat? Don't fall out of your chair, it's going to be fine.

Indeed, at the level of our skin, the cell membrane is made up of several types of lipids, allowing the epidermis to be an immune barrier. Ceramides, phospholipids, free fatty acids and even cholesterol and triglycerides… Yes, yes, you read it right.

All right, let's calm down anyway. Raclette and spread cannot become your only food. We're looking for the « good fats ». And they hide in raw products such as raw vegetable oils or fatty fish from cold seas, avocados or nuts.


We also want to have essential fatty acids that the body has not been able to make for thousands of years, as the species has evolved. They are called Omega 3 and Omega 6. They are also called polyunsaturated fatty acids with a soft molecular structure like gymnasts. And that's what the skin needs.


Omega 6 is involved in the structure of the skin's cement structure: ceramides. They guarantee a real elasticity and tightness to the skin. We can find them in real raw butter. Or more simply, in walnut oil, rapeseed oil, or in borage and evening primrose oils in food supplements.

omega 3


Omega 3 help to maintain the integrity of the skin, have a anti-inflammatory, emollient and soothing power. It will repair burnt and irritated skin. There are some in linseed oil, hemp oil, chia oil, camelina oil, in salmon and sardines and in Schizochytrium algae.

omega 6


Fat, fat, fat do you want, there it is!

To support you in this nutritional approach, discover our Lift Pinaster lifting anti-aging range, with the extract of titrated pine. In addition to its powerful, high-performance firming and anti-oxidant ingredients, the range contains apricot and hazelnut oil. Feeding from inside and outside.Lift Pinaster


In other words, we are advocating the right fats and creams to stay "plumpy", avoid folds and not turn into mummies. 

If that's not being good friends…
The T[æ]m

Instant S[æ]ve in February

S[æ]ve in February? It could be described as follows...

Dans une ambiance de neige poudreuse et d’air frais 

In an atmosphere of powdery snow and fresh air...

... which tingle the cheekbone and make it pink like the deer running through the birch forests, we are leaving today for Nature and the peaks.

We recommend Auvergne, to change crowded stations. The land of Salers, where the trees bend under the weight of a heavy coat of white flakes.  

Remember at this time to regain your strength to finish the Winter. Nothing like rest and fresh air to boost your immune defences. A small rental with all the modern comforts, good bedding, a nice kitchen and small dishes simmered and garnished. Because we like our little comforts anyway.

Auvergne, it's where the most beautiful active ingredients on Earth are harvested. Those present in the Fresh Birch sap and in the extracts of organic Chaga. This unique and magical concentrate can only flourish in a region as beautiful as it is virgin of all human madness.

In the evening, after a good cross-country skiing session, it will be time to take care of yourself. In the soothing silence of Nature, we invite you to pamper and nourish your skin.


Prenez le temps, faites-vous du bien.

Take the time, do yourself some good.

Why don't you start with a mask? That's true. What woman never regrets a schedule so full that she can never enjoy a moment for a cocoon and relaxing treatment?

Cold walks and full heating, we offer you the Soothing Rehydrating Infusion Mask, of the Hydra Malva range, with the smell of a dream. Ten minutes of intense pleasure. Your skin will finally drink and plump up deep down.

In the same range, the Intense Quenching Cream, worthy of the most enveloping balms. Its generous and melting texture allows to to relieve dehydrated and torn skin from the cold.

This range aims for excellence in hydration, because in addition to our Immunox® complex are extracts of titrated Mallow, with a direct action on the discomfort of thirsty skin. And in order to deepen the work on water scarcity, Hyaluronic Acid has been added to capture moisture and water skin cells.

Moreover in our range, our little gem, the 24hr Soothing Moisturizing Botanical Serum has been awarded Best Facial Care 2019 by Santé Magazine.

Snow, rest, cuddly care, come back beautiful and rested at the office.

Long live Hydra Malva !

The Team


Prenez le temps, faites-vous du bien.


Immune defences: 5 easy and beneficial foods

At S[æ]ve, immunity is a personal matter! It is our spearhead, the essence of our engine, our passionate leitmotiv for the development of all our products.

With our Immunox® patent, we can't do more committed on this subject. Nature has offered us with Birch and Chaga, a magical complex that we are happy to offer you.

However, immunity is maintained on a daily basis. And can you imagine that Strength, Health and Beauty are also eaten. Here are 5 simple, easy-to-find foods that will do you good in Winter.


Passion Champignons

  • Passion Mushrooms
Oyster mushrooms, Boletus, Cep, even the simple white mushroom... They all have natural stimulating properties for our immune system. They contain beta-glucans, complex molecules that cause this phenomenon. So it's time to let loose on mixed salads, soups and parsley mushroom spreads..



  • Did you say Garlic?

An essential ingredient in parsley, it is nevertheless effective in helping you get rid of germs. Thanks to Louis Pasteur, garlic has been found to have antibacterial properties. We also know today that it is antiviral, antifungal and also antimycotic.

What, does it smell bad? No more problems! To stay beautiful and fresh, put your pods in olive oil.


Vert Chlorophylle

  • Chlorophyll Green

Green this time of year is not luxury! Chlorophyll leads to two interesting actions. It traps external pollutants and stimulates immunity, in particular by its content of vitamin C. We have a salad of fresh spinach shoots, juice and smoothies with parsley and kale, and broccoli flower semolina.

 Miel et Co

4 – Honey and Co

Hive products are still popular in Winter. And for good reason, our grandmothers already knew the effects on colds and chills. A good quality honey is a living product that will help you fight infections. Prefer chestnut or fir honeys if you have a bronchial disease.

 Et la Vitamine B !

5 – And Vitamin B !

And no, Vitamin C is not energy. These are the vitamins of the B group, essential for metabolism, which are the basis of energy production. When you feel great, you are less fragile and prettier too. Add semi-complete or complete cereal sources to your diet at all meals.


Eat healthy, be S[æ]ve
The T[æ]m


Instant S[æ]ve in January

S[æ]ve in January? It could be lived like that.

S[æ]ve en Janvier ? Ça pourrait se vivre comme ça. 

Yes, it is cold.

It is often grey, but we have decided to think about Winter differently. We are well aware that this is not easy. Even if the New Year offers us another blank page of our lives to write, we sometimes tend to forget to laugh.

But to hell with Sad Mood and negative ideas!

That's true. There is not much left on the trees and the wind mistreats the TV antennas almost every night. You feel your body soft like marshmallow, without much enthusiasm. The slightest effort costs you a kidney…

Let's get out of here! A little nerves and motivation! Imagine a beautiful Saturday afternoon. You decided to have an early lunch. Cap and scarf in cashmere on your back, you get into the subway. Direction the large park at the edge of town. The sky is crossed by beautiful winding clouds, and the glow is soft and quiet. The calm is enjoyed like a good film and you feel that the fresh air unfolds your diaphragm with an extremely wide opening.

Frankly, it's not that gloomy. In the park, birches and other trees offer artistic lines in the Kandinsky style. The deciduous foliage shines with a beautiful orange. Conifers are there to garnish the forests. You suddenly feel alive.


And you know what feeds you at this very moment?

This is the Light. This quest must never leave you at this time of year. In fact, in the offices, we pushed all the desks towards the windows. Light is essential to our body and especially to the skin. It will maintain a quality sleep and thus promote rest. And when you say optimized sleep, you mean wrinkled complexion.

Breathe, it's free. Especially since when you get home, a nice apple pie is waiting for you. You will be able to take off your pretty boots, put on a fluffly sweater and enjoy a black tea with Tchai spices. By the way, why don't we talk about the May holidays? Mallorca or Saint Cyprian? How good it is to imagine the sun and next summer.

Images and projects in your head, it's time to cocoon. A hot shower and a moment of well-deserved care. You braved the happy cold of January. Luckily, you have thought about restocking our nourishing and relaxing range of Relax Rheum products, ideal to complete this walk.

You see, even in Winter, Light and Nature are never so far from cities and towns.

Light S[æ]ve The Skin

The Team

Light S[æ]ve The Skin


Focus on Pauline's beauty secrets

Discover in video all the beauty secrets of Saeve's creator, Pauline Bony. She tells you everything about her daily skincare and make-up routine! 😍



Want to know more about the Saeve treatments she uses? Click directly on the products below!

Pauline and the Magic Birch

Pauline and the Magic Birch

This week, we had the pleasure of discovering a double page (just that!) dedicated to the career of Saeve's founder! :) Many thanks to the magazine...

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Pauline and the Magic Birch

This week, we had the pleasure of discovering a double page (just that!) dedicated to the career of Saeve's founder! :) Many thanks to the magazine "Vie Pratique Féminin Natur'elle" for this pleasant article!

A must read to learn more about Pauline's secrets to success. Very nice reading!

(Pages 14 and 15 of the January-February 2019 issue)

Pauline et le bouleau magique

Pauline et le bouleau magique


Detox: 5 simple and natural gestures

Oh, my God, it seems like the king's cake has stayed on your skin! Dull and grey complexion, comedones, shiny skin, deep dark circles, chafouin stomach and rounded navel? The holiday season always leaves its mark...

Don't panic!

Here are 5 tips that will help you get in shape and look fresh, invigorated like the winter air.

1 - [Moisturize yourself]

And yes, we did have a little champagne on New Year's Eve. It's a party, it's a fair fight! So, we simply advise you to switch to a softer mode and drink water. But to consume the minimum quantity you really need. 1.25 litres of water per day is the union imperative to help your body eliminate and allow your skin to hydrate itself.

2 - [Eat more raw food]

We won't tell you the opposite, we too like butternut with béchamel sauce and pears in syrup in cakes! But we're not going to lie to each other, all this is not really a source of life. Above 40°, vitamins are unfortunately destroyed by heat. But then how can we enjoy Vitamin C, which is so good for our liver and skin? By eating fresh carrots, oranges and grapefruits regularly, of course! Raw every day.  

3 - [Reduce gluten]

All right, not all of us are necessarily intolerant to this molecule, which is present in many cereals. However, it is a heavy nutrient to digest. When you have the body in slow motion, the body has trouble dealing with it. As a result, the overflow is stored! We are often bloated, and the skin begins to germinate pretty pimples on the cheeks and chin. So give your belly a break.

4 - [Consume Zinc]                                 

Zinc is involved in most of the body's enzymatic reactions, particularly those essential to the liver in its detoxification role. It is also a key trace element in the treatment of skin lesions, antioxidant and keratin production activator: a concentrate of beauty! It is found in wheat germ, squash seeds, lentils and shiitake.

5 - [Think Dandelion]

In our Detox Officinale range, you can find something to sober up your skin and revitalize it with titrated Dandelion. With Organic Birch Sap and Organic Chaga, known and proven to be detoxifying and antioxidant, we can't do a better job of getting rid of boozy New Years Eve! Saeve Detox Officinale

Have a S[æ]ve Detox !

The Team

The right Winter foods for the skin

Hep, hep, hep! We saw you! You thought that only our rem[æ]dies would be enough to give you a pearl complexion.  So it is our duty to remind you that to shine brightly, you need to work inside and outside all year round.

Because at S[æ]ve, we will never lie to you, …

… health of life is a globality! So to have a satiny and dazzlingly healthy skin, nothing beats accompanying your beauty gestures with a wise fork stroke.

Focus on the food available on our winter stalls, which allow us to shine like a diamond in summer. All of them will take care of the hydration of your skin, its regeneration, its integrity, its elasticity, its luminosity and its longevity.

We remind you that everything is a question of balance, of course: neither too much nor too little, of raw and cooked food, of vegetables and fruit. And of course, all this in an excess of joy and kindness.

5 ingrédients


Composed mainly of manganese and antioxidants, this ruby vegetable therefore contributes to the normal functioning of micro-circulation. It therefore makes it possible to maintain a better oxygenation of the skin. Pink as a quartz, you will be…


A jewel of forgotten vegetables, it is once again on the rise. Good, it's a perfect vitamin A precursor for helping damaged skin to heal.


Its vitamin E has an action against free radicals. It prevents elastin and collagen loss and preserves elasticity. And bim ! Tensor power boosted!


Yes, well, you can eat it all year round. But it is often in Winter that it is consumed in good simmered dishes. Excellent for taking advantage of B-group vitamins, participating in all the tissue regeneration, it would be wrong to deprive ourselves of it.


Full of Vitamin C and Selenium, here are some pro-ageing active ingredients to keep the look of a mermaid with a pretty apricot complexion.


Cellular division and regeneration, major help to skin problems, thanks to its vitamin B9 content, with its good red fruit taste, this fruit will promote a fresh complexion .

  • BANANA :

Rich in tryptophan, a precursor of vitamin B3, this energetic winter fruit, will help your skin to maintain a beautiful pigmentation, will participate in the collagen synthesis and will avoid skin dryness.

Of course, there are many other gems available from your market gardener. But here's something to start with. Remember that if S[æ]ve has integrated so many active ingredients from the vegetable garden into its products, it is because we know that the vegetable kingdom has proved its effectiveness.


Eat healthy, be S[æ]ve.

The Team

Instant S[æ]ve in December

Instant S[æ]ve in December

S[æ]ve in December? It could be imagined like this.   A warm apartment... ... with white walls, bathed in the lights of a few indigo blue streetl...

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Instant S[æ]ve in December

S[æ]ve in December? It could be imagined like this.


Instant en décembre

A warm apartment...

... with white walls, bathed in the lights of a few indigo blue streetlights and candles scented with sweet orange and cinnamon essential oils. Are you starting to like it?

Then there would be a nice living room with a soft grey sofa with huge red and white cushions. There would also be a white wool blanket, which would patiently wait to warm up anyone who huddled in it. In fact, we advise you to roll up happily in it.

On the floor, at the bottom of the window, there are three demijohn They would have been found at a flea market and we like that idea. They would be filled with garlands of light, red ribbons and holly and clematis stems from dried hedges. The floor would be covered with a bleached wooden floor and a wide carpet. Barefoot, it's incomparably soft, we promise you…

Oh yes, we forgot to tell you. At S[æ]ve, we love the Light very much, even the Winter Light. It's good for morale and skin. So at the window, we could imagine a ledge, where we could sit and look out. On top, would be placed small Christmas themes, pine cones, 1 candlestick and a cushion.

Instant en décembre

On the coffee table of this living room,

a notebook of cognac moleskin and a beautiful black pen would await the writing of your gratitudes. A cup of porcelain would smoke an infusion of coloured spices, close to a blue enamel teapot. You know, the ones you find on farms in Auvergne, with the gooseneck neck? There would be an embroidered cotton cloth next to it to pour his drink without burning himself. Help yourself, we like to chat.

On this coffee table, there would be a tube of our Soothing Rehydrating Infusion Mask with titrated mallow extracts. This plant is a customary of Winter, secret of our grandmothers to calm the irritated and inflamed throats by the cold and draughts. Its emollient properties neutralize dry and aggressive coughs on our vocal cords by soothing them.

Imagine these wonderful virtues on your irritated skin. A concentrate of serenity. Outside, it would obviously be bad. You would therefore be greatly encouraged to take the time of a moisturizing mask, which would calm tingling and tightness thanks to chamomile and white willow.

And yes, S[æ]ve is extraordinary, even in Winter.

The Team