The right Winter foods for the skin

Hep, hep, hep! We saw you! You thought that only our rem[æ]dies would be enough to give you a pearl complexion.  So it is our duty to remind you that to shine brightly, you need to work inside and outside all year round.

Because at S[æ]ve, we will never lie to you, …

… health of life is a globality! So to have a satiny and dazzlingly healthy skin, nothing beats accompanying your beauty gestures with a wise fork stroke.

Focus on the food available on our winter stalls, which allow us to shine like a diamond in summer. All of them will take care of the hydration of your skin, its regeneration, its integrity, its elasticity, its luminosity and its longevity.

We remind you that everything is a question of balance, of course: neither too much nor too little, of raw and cooked food, of vegetables and fruit. And of course, all this in an excess of joy and kindness.

5 ingrédients


Composed mainly of manganese and antioxidants, this ruby vegetable therefore contributes to the normal functioning of micro-circulation. It therefore makes it possible to maintain a better oxygenation of the skin. Pink as a quartz, you will be…


A jewel of forgotten vegetables, it is once again on the rise. Good, it's a perfect vitamin A precursor for helping damaged skin to heal.


Its vitamin E has an action against free radicals. It prevents elastin and collagen loss and preserves elasticity. And bim ! Tensor power boosted!


Yes, well, you can eat it all year round. But it is often in Winter that it is consumed in good simmered dishes. Excellent for taking advantage of B-group vitamins, participating in all the tissue regeneration, it would be wrong to deprive ourselves of it.


Full of Vitamin C and Selenium, here are some pro-ageing active ingredients to keep the look of a mermaid with a pretty apricot complexion.


Cellular division and regeneration, major help to skin problems, thanks to its vitamin B9 content, with its good red fruit taste, this fruit will promote a fresh complexion .

  • BANANA :

Rich in tryptophan, a precursor of vitamin B3, this energetic winter fruit, will help your skin to maintain a beautiful pigmentation, will participate in the collagen synthesis and will avoid skin dryness.

Of course, there are many other gems available from your market gardener. But here's something to start with. Remember that if S[æ]ve has integrated so many active ingredients from the vegetable garden into its products, it is because we know that the vegetable kingdom has proved its effectiveness.


Eat healthy, be S[æ]ve.

The Team