Skin Microflora: the Secret of Harmonious Skin

Microbiote cutané : le secret des peaux harmonieuses

Long live the mushrooms that never ends! At S[æ]ve, we have developed our Immunox patent based on fresh organic birch sap and this magic mushroom, the organic Chaga.

But our passion for living molecules and beneficial fungi did not stop there. Today, we offer you a fresh, beautiful, all-S[æ]ve innovation.

Radiance Activating F90 Essence

Radiance Activating F90 Essence

But before telling you more about the magic of this product, a short course on the microbiota is required. Ladies, take your notebooks!

You must have certainly heard about probiotics and microorganisms. These terms can be found in pharmacies and health magazines. Our immune ecosystems are made up of billions of bacteria, with an incredible number of more than 500 varieties. There are 3 main families of good bacteria:

  • Proprionic bacteria,
  • Lactic acid bacteria with known properties Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli,
  • Active yeasts.

We have 4 microbiotes: intestinal, vaginal, respiratory and cutaneous. All these people live in a beautiful harmony, called a microbiome. Each microbiota has the function of defending us from external pathogens, allowing the feeding of the tissues on which they rest, and helping to regenerate and maintain the immune system.

However, these ecosystems are fragile and their functioning can become unbalanced very quickly. Food, pollution, medication are the cause of many disorders.

Microbiote cutané : le secret des peaux harmonieuses

And what about the skin, are you going to tell us?

Sun, dehydration, pollution, excessively corrosive pickling, alcohol-based cosmetics, forgotten make-up removal, inappropriate soaps... The factors of disorder are plenty.

Our essence is there to help you recover a protective balance, using a yeast filtrate. This little mushroom is called Saccharomyces. Resulting from a natural fermentation, our essence is 90% gorgeous with this powerful active ingredient allowing a harmonization of the skin micro flora.



  • A boost to cell renewal
  • A strengthening of the skin barrier
  • A clearer complexion
  • A visible reduction in pigment spots
  • A significant reduction in redness and acne marks

100% of women who have tested our Essence over 28 days notice a renewal of the skin's radiance.
In fact, the magic of this product is nature and a little biology.

Welcome to your new baby complexion in four weeks at a time.

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